Keepsake box for the memories of the wedding

Unfortunately, in most cases the wedding day literally goes by in a flash. What remains are the memories, which are not only present in the head, but also in the form of gifts, cards and other things. We’ll tell you how to turn the memories of the wedding into one Memory box can keep.

We remember the first few days after our own wedding very well. Our small living room was full of large and small gifts and the cards with the congratulations were spread out on our coffee table. Of course, we didn’t want to just pack the various things somewhere, so we decided on a memory box for the memories of the wedding.


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Why a memory box?

Your big day is sure to be remembered forever. But also the many small treasures of the wedding should be kept in style as a souvenir. Of course, not just somewhere in the closet or basement, but rather something protected in a box. Of course, you could use a normal box for this, but it would of course be much nicer if the memory box for the memories of the wedding is good in terms of material, but also looks pretty.

There are so many great little things about your own wedding that should definitely be kept and not thrown away. This includes your own wedding stationery, which has put a lot of heart and soul into it, the good wishes on the guests’ congratulatory cards, real wedding pictures printed on paper, parts of the wedding and table decorations, the lovingly filled guest book or the ring pillow, the garter belt, the fascinator or the groom’s badge. There are really a lot of things that can be saved.

With a memento box, your mementos are really protected, but at the same time quickly to hand. After all, you should take out the memory box for the memories of the wedding every now and then and take a look inside.

Overview of memory boxes

With the Clara box from Glück & Segen you can store your wedding memorabilia in style. Really perfect storage for the small treasures of the wedding! This is not a paid recommendation, it really is our own opinion. The Glück & Segen box is handcrafted exclusively from ecologically harmless materials in Germany. The memory box is available in opal white, Paris blue, canvas beige and canvas gray.

With the memory box from Glück & Segen you no longer need to just keep your treasures somewhere, but have everything together in a beautiful and, above all, high-quality box. Thanks to the practical and variable subdivision inside, memorabilia of different sizes can be given a stylish home.

More boxes and boxes for memorabilia

Of course, there are also other boxes and boxes in addition to the memory box from Glück & Segen. In the following we have put together an overview for you.


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