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Levkoje is a real eye-catcher in the flower vase. Find out more information about the beauties in our flower lexicon.

Botanical name: Matthiola

Genus: Levbunks

Plant family: Cruciferous plants (bot. Brassicaceae)

Occurrence: East Africa and Moroccan Islands
Levkojen (bot. Matthiola) are a genus of plants from the cruciferous family (bot. Brassicaceae). Their home areas are mainly in the Mediterranean and Asia. Some species are also found in the Cape flora, in eastern Africa and in Macaronesia. Levkojen are planted as bedding or balcony plants but are also used as cut flowers.

The sweetish, fresh herbaceous scented flowers sit on stems with gray-green, lanceolate, hairy leaves. The color spectrum of the flowers ranges from white, yellow, pink and light purple pastel tones to strong reddish or purple colors. The white violet gave the Levkoje its name, which it received in honor of the doctor and botanist Andrea Mattiolo in 1812. As early as the 16th century, the levkoje was often used to decorate gardens and salons. It is a typical flower for cottage gardens. The levkoje was also used as a medicinal plant. In medieval monastery gardens it was considered an attribute of the Mother of God. The Levkoje became almost prominent through Christine Brückner’s novel “Jauche und Levkojen”, the story of Maximiliane von Quindt from Western Pomerania, beginning in 1918 and finally ending with her escape from the Red Army. In Ikebana, the Japanese art of arranging flowers, the Levkoje stands for eternal beauty and purity.

Care tips for Levkoje

Levboots have a vase shelf life of approx. Eight days. But remember to change the water every two days if possible. Use warm water for this, as most of the air bubbles escape due to the heat. Cold water, on the other hand, contains a lot of dissolved air in tiny bubbles. These can clog the ducts of the stem, causing the flowers to droop more quickly. For optimal durability, fill the vase with 40 to 50 ° C hot water, let it cool down briefly and then place the flowers in it.

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