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In the BLOOMS of the week “Lovely Garden”, this time we will take you to a wonderful garden in the country! Tall, dark red hybrid tea roses, delicate pink wax flowers and red hypericum put a smile on our faces and make us forget the cold temperatures for a moment.

You can get these long-stemmed flowers from us until 11/21/2016. Order your flower subscription here or change your subscription by Thursday, November 17, 2016, choose November 21, 2016 as the delivery date at the latest and look forward to your wonderful BLOOMS of the week!

Roses are the undisputed queen of flowers. They have been impressing and enchanting with their beauty and expressiveness for centuries. Did you know that there are 100-250 different types of roses, depending on your opinion? In order to enjoy the roses for as long as possible, cut them as long and at an angle as possible with a sharp knife to make it easier for you to absorb water. You can find more information and care instructions for roses here.

the Waxflower originally from Australia, where it grows as a 1-4m high bush. With its small, delicate flowers – which on closer inspection appear to be coated with wax, which is where the name comes from – it gives every bouquet the finishing touch. Care is very simple and straightforward, just cut the stems again after they arrive and put them in fresh water! You can find more information and care instructions here.

That Hypericum – also known as St. John’s wort – is a typical winter flower and is often found in winter bouquets. The cultures of the Hypericum come from the Netherlands, from where they have spread across the globe. Like the waxflower, it only needs a fresh cut upon arrival. You can find more information and care instructions.

Our vase recommendation for “Lovely Garden”

For our “Lovely Garden” combination, we recommend a tall vase with a relatively narrow opening so that the bouquet is beautifully shaped.

We wish you a wonderful week with the flowers!

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