Must-have for your wedding day? ??

Is it worth changing shoes for the wedding day? Many newlyweds like to buy new shoes for their wedding day. While the groom can usually spend the day of the wedding in his shoes without any major problems, it is sometimes different for the bride. After all, as a bride, people like to wear high heels or generally slightly higher shoes.

It is not without reason that we recommend placing blister plasters in the emergency basket. In addition, we do not recommend wearing new shoes for the wedding without a reason. If your feet start to hurt at some point during the wedding celebration, then you will certainly be happy to have thought of changing shoes for the wedding day.


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Change shoes for the wedding

At one or the other wedding we have now discovered a high heels garage. If you, or your guests, change shoes, the shoes must of course be stored somewhere. For high heels there is a really nice idea where and how the shoes can be stored.

Must have for your wedding day - Must-have for your wedding day?  ??
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At our own wedding, Sandra had opted for a pair of comfortable silver ballerinas. The evening after the wedding dinner, Sandra changed her shoes. Some of our guests left their shoes and rocked the dance floor barefoot.

Must-have for the bride and groom?

Of course, change shoes are not a must-have for the wedding. Neither for the bride nor for the groom. After all, a new pair of shoes for the wedding costs enough. Then it doesn’t have to be a change of shoes. If, as a bride, you might never otherwise wear high heels, but would like to wear them on the day of the wedding, then we would definitely recommend you to change shoes later. Spending the whole day and the whole wedding party until late into the night in high heels is not necessarily fun in some cases.

Did you wear high heels when trying on your wedding dress and was the length of the wedding dress measured exactly together with the shoes? If so, please don’t be surprised on the day of the wedding that your wedding dress is lying a little more on the floor. After all, you no longer wear 5cm or 7cm high heels, but flat bridal shoes.

No matter what you choose, there are some things that you should definitely think about with your bridal shoes. We reveal these to you in our article “Bridal shoes: you should definitely think about these things!”.


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