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Autumn is here soon and with it new flowers too! We are aware that nobody wants to think about autumn just yet. It was just over 30 degrees and sunshine – and now we want to tease our new autumn collection. But isn’t anticipation the most beautiful joy, as everyone knows? With our new flower arrangements we want to couple you and autumn! Of course, that doesn’t work without our wingmen: pincushions, ornamental cabbage, Protea and Serruria Blushing Bride. Our last flower even indirectly has love in its name – let’s call that 100% match guarantee!

New flowers in our fall collection Bloomy Blog - New flowers in our fall collection -
Ornamental cabbage

Let’s start with the Flavor Flav of our fall collection! Did you know that the ornamental cabbage can conquer every heart in combination with other flowers? The decorative, brightly colored leaves of the ornamental cabbage come in delicate colors such as white, cream, pink, green and purple. Most of the varieties of ornamental cabbage are grown in Japan and can even reach a height of 20-40 cm. To prepare this wingman for a long-lasting romance, you cut his handle at an angle. In general, the following applies to cut flowers: the longer the stem, the longer the cut should be.

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In addition to the ornamental cabbage, you will also be enchanted by the bachelorette of flowers – the Protea! In contrast to the dating show, she is serious about you. The Protea is a truly royal flower. Around 115 different Protea species are known, around four fifths of them are found in southern Africa and around one fifth in tropical Africa. So it is not surprising that a particularly beautiful species, namely the king protea, can even be found stylized in the coat of arms of South Africa. Their flowers reach a diameter of up to 30 centimeters! At home, cut the thick woody stems diagonally with a clean, sharp knife and place them in warm water to allow the flower to develop optimally. Our queen is a very thirsty flower, so regularly give her a new drink – non-alcoholic, of course. So she can make you happy with her sight for three whole weeks. If you want to admire it longer as a decorative element in your four walls, you can also hang it upside down in a room that is as dark as possible and let it dry.

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Pin cushion

Another flower that you can’t take your eyes off of: the pincushion! Although this name does not sound romantic in your ears, it can make up for the wounds of the dreary, wet autumn days with small – * Warning punctuation * – pinpricks. With its orange-yellow tones, it brings the sun back into your four walls and even into your heart. There are around 50 species found in South Africa. The pin cushions are very easy to care for cut flowers that you will enjoy for a long time. All you need when you arrive is a fresh cut and, of course, a little love.

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Serruria Blushing Bride

Last but not least comes the little sister of our Protea: the Serruria Blushing Bride. If the name doesn’t already enchant you, then her looks will definitely do! It blooms in noble cream and white tones and can round off your alliance with autumn. Now you just have to say: Yes, I do! Serruria is to be handled just as lovingly as the other cut flowers: cut, fresh water regularly, give a lot of love!

Hopefully we were able to make autumn tasty for you with these seasonal blossoms. When the days are cloudy and invite you to cuddle, our flowery arrangements can conjure up some color in your four walls. After all, we all deserve some magical love. Regardless of whether you are a permanent swiper on dating platforms, a staunch single or happy in a relationship – our new flowery arrangements are exactly what you need in autumn. So be curious when our autumn collection will be available for you in our online shop from September.

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