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The location determines the framework and ambience for your wedding. A castle offers the perfect backdrop to celebrate this unique day in style and elegance. Your guests will be impressed and you will feel like you are in a fairy tale. We will provide you with the right locations for yours Wedding in a castle or one Castle before:

♥ Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe
♥ Walkershofen Castle
♥ Park Hotel Ahrensburg
♥ Amerang Castle
♥ Castle Burgdorf
♥ Guttenberg Castle
♥ Orangery Castle Bothmer
Castle Egg
♥ Karow Castle
♥ Hotel Kronenschlösschen
♥ Castle gauntlet
♥ Walkershofen Castle
♥ Castle Wulkow

Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe

Curtain up for your dream wedding: The idyllic premium location Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe inspires you and your guests with its noble ambience and the extensive castle park with one of the most beautiful trees in Germany. After yours romantic outdoor wedding or in one of the surrounding beautiful churches, celebrate in the historic ballroom of the castle hotel. This impresses with purple walls, reflective parquet floors and sparkling crystal chandeliers.

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Walkershofen Castle

With his romantic castle chapelthe historic ballroom and the beautiful castle park with a wonderful terrace Walkershofen Castle the perfect setting for your unforgettable fairytale wedding! The imposing scenery of the castle and the beautifully landscaped park offer innumerable motives for impressive wedding photos. In the evening, the exclusive location enchants you and your guests with atmospheric lighting and a festive wedding fireworks.

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Park Hotel Ahrensburg

In the countryside at the gates of Hamburg, the Renaissance Castle Ahrensburg invites you to its beautiful rooms for your civil or free wedding. Of the historical vaulted cellar from the 16th century with its old walls ensures a very special atmosphere at the subsequent celebration. the opposite Park Hotel Ahrensburg takes care of catering and all other matters around yours romantic castle wedding and offers Accommodation options for you and your guests.

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Ahrensburg Castle. Photo: Park Hotel Ahrensburg

Amerang Castle

Whether on a small scale or with large company – at Schloss Amerang you celebrate a wedding in familiar and intimate flair. With the unique covered and heated Renaissance arcaded courtyardseveral interiors of different sizes and a beautiful park area the castle also offers for all weather conditions the right setting for a romantic fairytale wedding.

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Amerang Castle

Photo: Amerang Castle

Castle Burgdorf

On the Schlossfelsen on the Emme you can expect the medieval noble fortress for your princess wedding. after that Castle Burgdorf has already experienced a lot, it was in Newly opened spring 2020. With the wedding room, the castle chapel, the bridal suite and the noble ballroom the most beautiful day can then be celebrated properly. Clink glasses with your guests Champagne reception in the castle courtyard or tower garden and celebrate in the beautiful historical premises this unforgettable event.

Gutenberg Castle

After extensive renovations, Guttenberg Castle in Baden-Wuerttemberg in four different rooms enough space for up to 200 guests. You have the choice between a celebration in the knight’s rest (200 people), in the Stauferschenke (90 people), the fountain house (40 people) or the barn (80 people). In the castle chapel There is space for 120 people and 60 guests in the registry office. Regardless of whether Medieval, themed or classic wedding: Everything is possible at Guttenberg Castle.

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Gutenberg Castle

Gutenberg Castle

Orangery Castle Bothmer

The Orangery of Bothmer Castle largest baroque palace complex in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, offers a unique location for your very special day. let yourselves in historical garden hall or in beautiful castle park and then uses the afternoon for a champagne reception or coffee and cake. In the evening you can enjoy an individual buffet or menu together with your guests in the castle grounds. Whether in a small group or a big celebration with all relatives and friends – here you can have yours Personalize your wedding celebration.

Castle Egg

A fairy tale wedding Castle Egg in Bavaria offers you many options. So you have the possibility of a civil wedding in magnificent hall of mirrorsa church wedding in the medieval castle chapel or a free wedding in castle garden. Then they wait Champagne reception in the castle courtyard and a lavish party until the early hours of the morning in the garden, pavilion or in the historic vault. What more do you need for one fairytale castle wedding?

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Castle Egg

Free wedding ceremony in the castle garden of Schloss Egg

Castle Karow

Between Hamburg and Berlin you will find the charming Castle Karow. Surrounded by wonderful nature, the castle not only enchants with its elegant architecture, but also with the fantastic premises and the green area. the historical facility and the many lovely details give the property a very special flair. Whether in the open air on the park terrace or in the elegant rooms, Schloss Karow offers a idyllic setting for your wedding. With a lot of vigor and experience, the team will support you with all your questions and help you plan the perfect wedding!

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Castle Karow

Wedding location Schloss Karow. Photo: Castle Karow

Hotel Kronenschloesschen

In the romantic village of Hattenheim they bring carriage or the Rolls Royce past you pretty half-timbered houses and through quaint alleys to the atmospheric wedding ceremony in the baroque church. Afterwards you receive your guests in style in the Park with a beautiful view of the Rhine and celebrates in the elegant ballrooms of hotel crown lock boisterous late into the night. The luxurious location in the picturesque Rheingau will spoil you and your guests with excellent catering and wines from the house’s award-winning wine list.

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Stulpe Castle

A wedding on the Brandenburg baroque palace gauntlet is and remains unforgettable, whether officially in the castle or in the Castle church from 1562. Schloss Stülpe offers every opportunity to escape from the monotony of ballrooms and hotels, to give your wedding the flair of centuries-old tradition, natural charm and to give individual authenticity. Since there are no neighbors, is undisturbed celebrations and overnight stays possible.

Castle Wulkow

When you hear the word “dream wedding” you immediately think of a romantic castle, surrounded by nature. That’s exactly what you get Castle Wulkow: the magnificent castle is embedded in a great park and enchants its guests. Say yes to each other in the open air in the castle garden or in the stone church. You can celebrate a magical wedding here with your loved ones. The ballroom in Wulkow Castle is the ideal place for the subsequent celebration, which no one forgets in a hurry!

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Castle Wulkow

Wedding at Wulkow Castle.

Let your dream of a fairy tale wedding come true! The beautiful castle locations await you and your guests and ensure that the wedding ceremony and celebration become an unforgettable event!

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