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The orchid not only looks beautiful in the flower pot, but is also an absolute eye-catcher in the bouquet. Find out more information here!

Botanical name: Orchidaceae

Genus: Orchids

Plant family: Orchid family (bot.Orchidaceae)

Occurrence: on all continents (except Antarctica)
Orchids (bot. Orchidaceae) have fascinated people for more than 2500 years. For example, they were used as a remedy, decoration and aphrodisiac. The oldest traditions come from the Chinese Empire. Philosophers like Confucius reported on your bewitching scent and gave it the Chinese character “lán”, which means grace, love, purity, elegance and beauty. The oldest European traditions come from the Greek Late Classical period. Even before the Spaniards conquered the country, orchids had been cultivated in America for a long time. The Aztecs worshiped them as sacred flowers and cultivated them in the gardens of their sanctuaries. A beautiful flower with a long tradition.
Due to its ability to adapt to a wide variety of living conditions, botanists also refer to the orchid as a particularly intelligent plant. Orchids can be found both in the hottest tropics and on the border of the polar ice caps. Their manifestations are, however, correspondingly different.

Meaning of orchids
The orchid symbolizes luxury, sensuality, devotion and perfect beauty. It is also the perfect flower to declare a secret love for the chosen one of the heart.

Care tips for the orchid

Orchids are known as cut flowers for their long shelf life. However, in order for the orchid to last that long, it should always be freshly cut at the bottom before it is placed in lukewarm water. You will be surprised how long you can enjoy your beauty.

Orchid Bloomy Blog Flower tips and more - Orchid -  |  Flower tips and more

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