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You should enjoy fresh flowers in your own four walls at least once a month. Because of this, ours is Flower subscription the ideal gift to make yourself or your loved ones happy.

Our flower subscription Bloomy Blog - Our flower subscription -

How often do you ask yourself what you can give away for a birthday? Certainly not infrequently. But if I tell you now that you are with our Flower subscription always provide a surprise and not only have several, but also different gifts in one, your search for the perfect gift should now be over.

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But there are also phases in life when you would like to lock yourself in the dark because you are simply not feeling well. To be surprised by your loved ones with flowers or chocolate always helps a little. And now imagine that for a period of several months the DHL courier is standing in front of your door every two weeks with fresh flowers that have come from your best friend, your mom or your partner. You would always have a pretty eye-catcher at home and you will be surprised again and again.

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You can also create this mood with our Flower subscription give away. Because it gives you the feeling of not being alone with your thoughts, and of knowing that there is someone out there who is always there for you, even if he cannot be it physically at the moment.

With our Flower subscription But you are always right not only when it comes to the occasion. The quality and variety will also surprise you. Here you can see some arrangements from the past:

Here is more information about our flower subscription:

Select the desired date and flexibly adjust the duration at any time.Our flower subscription Bloomy Blog - Our flower subscription -

Seasonal cut flowers, cleaned and packaged ready for vase.1633148448 609 Our flower subscription Bloomy Blog - Our flower subscription -

Fresh flowers, free shipping to your home or office.1633148448 752 Our flower subscription Bloomy Blog - Our flower subscription -

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Of course, you also have to do something to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible. If you are our Flower subscription give away, feel free to share this page with your loved ones.
Before you put your arrangement in a vase, you should have cleaned it thoroughly with warm water and washing-up liquid.
Please use the supplied cut flower food from Bloomy Days so that your flowers stay fresh for a long time. Do not be afraid to remove any leaves protruding into the water or flowers that have already faded, your flowers will thank you. Before the flowers are placed in the water, please cut the ends of the stems diagonally with a sharp knife so that they can draw as much water as possible. Place the flowers in a shady and cool place and avoid drafts. In addition, do not place a fruit bowl near your cut flowers – because fruit emits ethylene, which causes the flowers to wither more quickly. On warm days your flowers are very thirsty, so always keep an eye on the water level. For long-lasting pleasure, you should change the water every day and clean the inside of the vase every time.

I hope that I was able to inspire you a little and you ours Subscription think it’s great. Of course we also have many beautiful ones Bouquets of flowers and plants, which you can order once. Just look up Bloomy Days stop by and find your new favorite product.

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