Professional tips for a great appearance as a guest!

If you look at one wedding invited, one question comes up again and again: “What do I wear?”. A long colored evening dress or rather the little black dress? The gentlemen have it much easier here. But also for the women among the wedding guests the dress choice doesn’t end in disaster, we have a small one clothing etiquette compiled – included expert opinions. So will you definitely the perfectly dressed wedding guest!


The pros of crusz tell us: “For the perfect outfit as a wedding guest, you should definitely do this Wedding celebration setting note, or the invitation card study carefully. Did the bridal couple come up with something very special? Is it a theme party? Is there a red thread regarding the colors? If your outfit obviously doesn’t match the setting of the wedding, you’ll not only attract attention, you’ll also feel uncomfortable throughout the evening. At the same time, you disappoint the newlyweds who have been working on the fine-tuning of the wedding celebration for months“.


Only the bride is white! The expert agrees Claudia Klimm: “I am of the opinion that only the bride should wear white. The situation is different when a topic has been specified.”. White shoes and a white handbag too a colored dress but are allowed. However, the bride is absolutely the focus of the wedding, it is her celebration and the bright white of the dress and veil should be reserved for her. In the color choice you can opt for fashionable nuances like Nude and Graphite or stronger tones like aubergine decide. Claudia Klimm recommends: “During the day are suitable pastel tones particularly good“. Black clothing is usually discouraged, but combined with funky shawls or colored ones shoes and jewellerythe dark color is quite suitable for a wedding celebration.

If you know the bridal couple well, you will certainly have a good feeling for whether your outfit is something extravagant may fail‘ according to the experts crusz. “Bright red, stylish black, summery white” – With the You should really be sure about the color white. Better a bright yellow – “Nowadays, many bridal couples consciously ask their guests to let off steam with their own outfit. However, if the bridal couple is traditionally inclined, or if you are not sure, it is always a good idea to stylish elegant evening dress to grab“.

to saveProfessional tips for a great appearance as a guest - Professional tips for a great appearance as a guest!

Credits: crusz Berlin evening wear & bridal wear


During the day, guests should wear short dresses for the wedding ceremony. If there is still a party in the evening, then you should change depending on the location and wear long dresses“, like that Claudia Klimm.

For weddings in the registry office Are you with one too? suit or pant suit appropriately dressed. You should never be overdressed and inappropriately overshadow the bride with a long evening dress.

At the church wedding and especially at the festive wedding ball classic or stylish evening dresses allowed according to personal taste. However, exaggerated glamor that distracts from the wedding dress should also be avoided here. If in doubt, ask the bride in advance which one Dress code she introduces herself to her guests for the most beautiful day of her life. So you are guaranteed not to put your foot in it when it comes to clothing.

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Credits: Bridal fashion Claudia Klimm

Current trends

The experts from crusz also told us about the current trends in festive fashion. This is how you are guaranteed to be well dressed at every wedding:

  • flower power remains a big topic – regardless of whether large print or elaborately embroidered: blossoms and flowers ensure a particularly happy mood at every wedding celebration.
  • narrow Spaghetti straps are back! Pretty shoulders can be relaxed with it without worrying about the dress slipping down.
  • wrap dresses are and will remain incredibly popular. No wonder: the clothes give you relaxed freedom, even on the same day as you like vary your own style. In the church with small wing sleeves for covered shoulders and then in the evening celebrate love in a sexy bandeau style.
  • Shimmering materials combined with a clear cut are all the rage and ensure the appropriate amount of attention for stylish wedding guests.

1655541700 354 Professional tips for a great appearance as a guest - Professional tips for a great appearance as a guest!

We thank and by crusz and at Claudia Klimm and wish Have fun searching for the perfect outfit for the next wedding!

You can find more inspiration for the perfect appearance as a wedding guest in our YouTube video:

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