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The Protea impresses with its exotic appearance and a very long shelf life in the vase. Find out more about the South African flower here.

Botanical name: Leucadendron

Genus: Silver trees

Plant family: Silver tree plants (bot. Proteaceae)

Occurrence: in the Capensis of South Africa

The genus of the silver trees (bot. Leucadendron), also called shimmering trees, comprises around 95 species. The “real silver tree” with its white hairy leaves gave the genus its name. They belong to the select group of South African flowering plants that are only found in the Cape and nowhere else in the world. Unless you give the small shrubs a new home.

Contrary to their name, not all silver trees are silver-colored. The elongated, narrow year-round leaves are rather blue-green and occupy the numerous branches close together. The bracts are particularly colorful, thanks to which the flowering lasts for weeks.

Care tips for the Protea

The Protea is very easy to care for and only needs a fresh cut on arrival. Put them in a vase with fresh water and please remember to change the water every 3 days. The Protea is best shown off in a tall, narrow floor vase.

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Protea silver tree Bloomy Blog - Protea (silver tree) -

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