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Seasonal Calendar March –

You slowly notice that the days are getting a little longer and, above all, brighter. For nature this is the signal that it has to get ready. And when the sun can be seen, it shines with a lot of power. It is therefore not surprising that you can already spot a multitude of flowers outside in March.

Seasonal Calendar March  - Seasonal Calendar March -
Bloomy Days floral seasonal calendar March

Flowers in March

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Crocuses in March


Usually it is crocuses that can be seen as the first splash of color in the still dreary garden bed. They don’t just bloom in spring! There are also species that develop their colorful petals in winter and autumn. Most crocus species have their main flowering time between February and March, which is why they are also known as classic spring flowers. Crocuses are rarely used as cut flowers due to their low growth height of only 5 to 15 cm. But if you still want to bring crocuses into your living room, you can simply buy them in small pots.

Cherry branch

When it is still cold and a bit dreary outside, cherry or other fruit tree branches are often brought inside. There they bloom, while in the garden the first crocuses are just sticking their heads out of the earth. Twigs of sweet cherries are particularly popular. But even the branches of apple or pear trees begin to bloom after a short time in the warm apartment. The first cherry blossoms can be seen outdoors at the end of March or beginning of April.

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Cherry branch
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Even if the dainty scilla or bluestars are rarely used as cut flowers, they clearly belong to the spring flowers: in March it often happens that when you are walking through the forest between the remains of leaves from autumn you suddenly find yourself in a sea of ​​blue flowers. Bluestars love the moist soil in mixed deciduous forests. But they can also be found near rivers and bodies of water from February onwards.


Like roses, gerberas are now available all year round and therefore there is no real season for the daisy-like daisy family. Gerberas are so popular as cut flowers not only because of their constant availability, the variety of colors also contributes to the success of the flower. Two-tone, semi-double and double varieties are particularly popular with florists because they add value to any floral arrangement. As with almost all cut flowers, gerberas should have a fresh cut and a water change every two days. The water in the vase should not be higher than 2 cm, otherwise there is a risk that the stems will rot.

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Freesia in March


You probably know the delicately scented freesias as cut flowers, but also as garden flowers. Freesias originally come from South Africa, which is why you will only see them bloom in German gardens in midsummer. Thanks to greenhouse breeding, freesias are available as cut flowers as early as spring. Did you know that freesias are also a symbol of unconditional love? Therefore, it is a tradition to give your partner white freesias after seven years of marriage. These should remind of pure and genuine love.


Anemones are also omnipresent in March. In the language of flowers, the spring flowers stand for expectation, care and honesty. The more than 120 types of anemones are available in colors such as white, pink, red, purple and even bright blue. The black interior of the anemones, which is called the “black heart”, is characteristic. As a result, red anemones in particular are often confused with poppies.

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French tulip

French tulip

The French tulip is also a classic spring flower. The French tulip is a special variety of tulips, which is characterized by its particularly long stems and relatively large flower heads. As a result, French tulips look particularly elegant and are often used for larger flower arrangements. Just like the other types of tulips, the French tulip comes in countless color and flower variations.


The calla is also one of the March flowers. You may know it more as a funeral flower. With new, colored varieties, however, Callas are increasingly being incorporated into wedding or noble birthday bouquets. As a cut flower in the vase, the calla can be kept for up to three weeks. So much longer than some other cut flowers. When cutting, you should make sure that the end of the flower stem does not roll out. To do this, you can simply wrap a strip of scotch tape around the interface.

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Magnolias in March


You may know magnolia trees from one or the other front yard. There they are particularly popular because they are the harbingers of spring and some of them show their huge white or pink flowers as early as March. By the way, there are even some varieties of magnolia that bloom a second time in August! As with fruit tree branches, you can also cut magnolia branches from the tree, arrange them in a vase and make them bloom.

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