Singles Day on 11/11 –

Singles Day on 11/11 -

Unlike the less common Singles Day, everyone knows Valentine’s Day. This has a polarizing effect, because people without a better half usually have little relation to him, whereas others revere Valentine’s Day as the day on which they can spoil their sweetheart with a whole range of romantic gestures.

Origin of Singles Day

Singles usually belong to the first group, as they usually cannot expect any gifts without a boyfriend or girlfriend. In the 1990s, a group of students from Nanjing University in China began campaigning for these singles. 11.11. was chosen by them as “Singles’ Day”, mainly because this date consists of four ones. This idea of ​​dedicating a day of their own to the singles of this world spread more and more in the Far East and gained increasing popularity.

Originally only celebrated as “Bachelor Day” by single men, this day is now equally popular with all genders, even far beyond the borders of Asia.

Singles Day in Germany

In Germany, too, more and more people are appreciating this day as an alternative to Valentine’s Day and are celebrating it in a wide variety of ways. One possibility: flowers for singles! We all know the typical sayings for Valentine’s Day: “I’ve never been given flowers!” Or “I’ll just buy flowers myself”.

At Bloomy Days, we love the classic Valentine’s Day, but we are also in favor of celebrating other occasions with flowers. That is why we also want to celebrate Singles Day and wish that on this day the singles of this world will be given flowers and made happy!
We have selected our nicest arrangements so that you can put a smile on the face of your single friends.

Singles Day on 1111 - Singles Day on 11/11 -
Favourite person
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From my heart
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With you in mind
Singles Day on 1111 - Singles Day on 11/11 -

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