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Skimmia provides an extraordinary and special touch in your floral bouquet. Find out more information here!

Botanical name: Skimmia japonica

Genus: Skimmia

Plant family: Rhombus family (bot. Rutaceae)

Occurrence: Japan, Korea and China
This extraordinary plant originally comes from East Asia and belongs to the diamond family (bot. Rutaceae). In its homeland of Japan, Korea and China it grows as undergrowth in forests and can reach heights of up to 7 meters there. The Skimmia is an evergreen plant, which is why it is particularly popular in autumn and winter. Due to its appearance, it is a great addition to elegant flower bouquets or arrangements.

Care tips for Skimmia

Skimmia are very easy to care for. When the flowers arrive, cut straight and then place them in a vase of fresh water. In order to enjoy the flowers for a long time, you should change the water every two days and prune the flowers again.

Skimmia Bloomy Blog Flower tips and more - Skimmia -  |  Flower tips and more

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