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Strelitzia are a real eye-catcher in the flower vase! Find out more information about the exotic species here!

Botanical name: Strelitzia

Genus: Strelitzia

Plant family: Strelitziaceae (bot. Strelitziaceae)

Occurrence: South Africa and Canary Islands

The Streltzie flower looks like a colorful bird, hence its German name Paradisvogelblumen. It belongs to the Strelitziae family (bot. Strelitziaceae) and is native to South Africa in the Cape Province on river banks and in forest clearings. Strelitzia are primarily used as ornamental plants in parks and on terraces. More and more often, however, you can also find them as cut flowers in vases.

Characteristics Strelitzia
The Strelitzia has three petals each. Of the three bracts of the outer circle, the middle one is smaller than the side ones. Of the three inner bracts, two are large, brightly colored and fused like an arrow. The third petal is, in turn, smaller. The leaves of the Strelitzia are similar to those of bananas. Shipped as cut flowers, we will send them to you without the leaves, but we will send you the Cordyline Black Tie leaves. Another peculiarity of the Strelitzia is its method of reproduction. It produces sweet nectar, which it uses to attract small birds. The seeds also attract the attention of many animals. Birds, also monkey species in South Africa, eat the seeds with the bright orange filament hairs and spread the plant species over a larger radius through the excretion.

Care tips for Strelitzia

The Strelitzia is incredibly popular as a cut flower, as it impresses with its splendor of colors in the vase for up to three weeks. Sometimes you may have to gently “obstruct” the second and third flowers so that they bloom too. To do this, simply open the punt leaf (the “beak” of the bird of paradise) by carefully sliding both thumbs into the green cover, thereby bringing the orange flowers that are still closed to the light of day. If this is neglected, the flowers will still rot in the shell. Remove dried flowers at the base of the bud. Cut the stems every two to three days with a sharp knife and change the water.

Strelitzia Bloomy Blog Flower tips and more - Strelitzia -  |  Flower tips and more

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