Style shooting wedding – your perfect day

Thanks to Corona there are so many Style shoots on social media like never before.
There were no weddings, the wedding photographers had plenty of time.

There have never been so many workshops by Wedding photographers like this year. Almost every wedding photographer took the opportunity and invited other wedding photographers to the workshop.

Wedding workshop

The time was right. All Wedding locations were free, models also had time. Wedding florists were also grateful for beautiful flower arrangements. The confectioner also had capacity for one Fake wedding Cake.

The trained eye can of course see the difference.

Don’t you notice it too?

Except for the models, no people are photographed.
Often you only see a lavishly laid table. Flowers, candles, stationery, beautiful table linen and furniture that we hardly dare to dream of.

Style shooting wedding your perfect day - Style shooting wedding - your perfect day

After all, some wedding service providers today write that there are none Real wedding is. Unfortunately, it never states how much such a decoration costs. It would be even more exciting to know what it would cost for a wedding with 80 guests.
It is not enough that the wedding table looks so beautiful.
You need the wedding flowers for all wedding guests.

Can you imagine how disappointed the brides are when you add to them what the one pictured is Inspiration wedding costs?

Is it strategically smart Luxury weddings to take photos is left open.

Personally, I like honest weddings.

Showing real weddings is more my thing.

Show what is possible with a normal wedding budget.

I consider bridal couples who do not earn any money with their looks and their model masses to be a real inspiration. People like you and me!

If you are a saver and just smart with yours Wedding budget I look forward to your call.

Real wedding

Real and honest greetings from your wedding planner

Evelyne Schärer
Wedding planning since 2004

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