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This week “Summer Splash” brings together all the types of flowers that mean summer for us. With pink Santini, yellow Inca lilies, the beautiful Solidago and yellow Craspedia, “Summer Splash” shines in all possible colors and represents a wonderful color accent for your home.

You will receive this combination from us by 07/24/2017. Order your flower subscription here or change your subscription by Thu, 07/20/2017, choose the delivery date 07/24/2017 at the latest and look forward to your BLOOMS of the week!

The pink ones Santini bring high-contrast splashes of color into this combination. The small chrysanthemum species made its way from Japan to Europe early on and, with its flower buds, is the perfect cut flower for a lush bouquet. Care should only be taken to ensure that the plant is always freshly cut. Here you will find more information.

Delicate Inca lilies give the summer bouquet filigree elegance. The exotic pattern of the Inca lilies has fascinated people for a long time and in many cultures the beautiful flowering plant even stands for devotion. Curious? There are other interesting facts here.

Solidago Also called goldenrod because of its beautiful, luscious yellow, it is the perfect addition to almost any bouquet. But not only does the cut flower look beautiful, it is also particularly popular in herbal medicine. And in spite of everything, the beautiful plant is characterized by simple maintenance, which should only be ensured that the leaves do not protrude into the water and that this is changed every two days.

Of course, an extraordinary cut flower should not be missing in any bouquet. In “Summer Splash” it is this time Craspedia, which makes the bouquet something very special. The bright yellow of the compact flower ball sets particularly summery accents and is often compared to small suns that let the bouquet shine. Just cut the beautiful flowers fresh and they will keep you company for a particularly long time. Everything about Craspedia can be found here.

Our vase recommendation for “Summer Splash”

For this short-stemmed bouquet, we recommend a table vase with a wide neck this week so that there is enough space for the lush bouquet.

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