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Outside, the sun is at its best and it is really summery – that means that we have summery sunflower arrangements for you in our range again. Here you can find out more about the beautiful flower and how you have to care for it in order to enjoy it for a long time.

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Botanical name: Helianthus

Plant family: Sunflower (bot.Asteraceae)

Occurrence: Europe, North, Central and South America

Summer, sun, sunflowers! The sunflower is considered to be the symbol of summer. You can recognize their bright yellow flower color from afar on many balconies, terraces or at the florist’s on the corner.
In terms of maintenance, she is quite frugal. When the flowers reach your home, please remove the lower leaves from the stem. You should cut the plant stems diagonally with a sharp knife. Before you put the flowers in the water, please make sure that the vase is really clean. Then you can arrange the flowers in the vase with lukewarm water as you like. Please don’t forget to put the Bloomy Days cut flower food supplied in the clean vase, this will extend the life of your flowers. If you would like more tips on caring for flowers, take a look at our care tips page.

Of course we have several summer sunflower arrangements for you to choose from on Bloomy Days. In addition to our mono classic “Sunny Day”, we have two combinations of sunflowers with Alstromerien or Limonium on offer for you this year. We hope you will find your favorite and have a lot of fun looking at these beautiful flowers. Don’t forget that sunflowers aren’t around for too long and the season is always over quickly.

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