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No summer without sunflowers! They are a symbol of joy and warmth and are therefore perfect for exuding easy summer vibes. We are not the only ones who are fascinated by sunflowers in vases. Ask Vincent van Gogh, who painted a whole series of sunflower pictures. Do you want to bring summer into your own four walls with sunflowers? Then you might be interested in our care tips:

The right vase

As you know, sunflowers have very long stems. Depending on the variety, they even tower above us humans. Their large, heavy flowers require the sunflower stems to be stronger than many other flower stalks to support the weight. We recommend a rather tall vase with a narrower neck so that the sunflowers stand upright and the weight of the flower optimally rests on the strong stem.

Cut sunflowers

When the flowers reach your home, please remove the lower leaves from the stem. You should cut the plant stems diagonally with a sharp knife to improve the water and nutrient absorption and to counteract rot. Before you put the flowers in the water, please make sure that the vase is really clean. Then you can arrange the flowers in the vase with lukewarm water however you like – sunflowers don’t like cold water so much. Please do not forget to put the cut flower food supplied in the vase, as this will extend the life of your flowers. Then check the water level in the vase regularly and change the water so that the flowers are always supplied with sufficient fresh water!

The right location

If you want to enjoy your sunflower arrangement for a long time, it is best to put it in a place that is protected from drafts and direct sunlight, because these factors can also influence the durability of the summer beauties.

Here are all the important care tips listed for you in a compact way:

  • Cut the stem at an angle
  • remove lower leaves
  • Use lukewarm water
  • Change the water regularly
  • Use a tall vase with a narrow opening
  • Protect from direct sunlight
  • Avoid drafts

We are pleased to be able to offer you several summer sunflower arrangements again this year. Try sunflowers in combination with thistles, sea lavender or delphinium! And for even more variety in the vase, we can recommend the “All Summer Long” arrangement, in which we have paired sunflowers with roses, protea and eucalyptus. Let the sunshine in!

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Sunflower Tips Bloomy Blog - Sunflower Tips -
All summer long
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