Thank you card: text suggestions, tips & more

After wedding Many bridal couples traditionally send one Thank you card. In this post we not only give you some tips, but also introduce you to some text suggestions. You are very welcome to use these for your own cards.

Why send a thank you card?

On the day of your wedding, the invited guests are very likely to bring a present with them. Even if you already thanked for it on the day of the wedding, it is still a very nice gesture to say thank you with a thank you card. The thank you card after the wedding is not only used to say thank you for the gift, but also to say thank you for the day together and the support in advance.

With the help of a thank you card you can not only tell your guests a few words, but also show photos of you and the wedding at the same time. If you order thank you cards after the wedding, you often have the opportunity to include a few different photos. At sendmoments you could even design each card individually at no extra charge. This gives you the opportunity to address each guest by name and write individual words for them.

Thank you card text suggestions tips more - Thank you card: text suggestions, tips & more

When should a thank you card be sent?

Shortly after the wedding, there are a few things that must be done. This includes sending a thank you card, which should be sent after 6 to 8 weeks at the latest. We would not recommend you later, otherwise your guests’ memories of the wedding will fade more and more.

The number of weeks is not chosen arbitrarily. Very shortly after the wedding, you probably want to first unpack the presents, clarify various formalities and do other things that you should do after the wedding. Of course, the honeymoon is also coming up.

Since experience has shown that your photographer needs some time to sort and process the photos, you can take care of the various points before the thank you cards are on the to-do list.

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Tips for your thank you cards

Creating thank you cards is not difficult at all. Nevertheless, there are one or two tips that you should keep in mind.

Find personal words

There are different texts for thank you cards that fit well with most guests. You can find various text suggestions in this post a little further down. Nevertheless, it is much nicer if you can find very personal words for your guests.

Speak to your guest by name on the card and thank them for their gift to you. If it was money, please write what you want to do with it. Make sure to make a note of who gave you what.

The thank you card is also a good way to thank the respective person for their support in the run-up to the wedding. So you could write something like “without your support at the many craft evenings our wedding would have been only half as nice”.

Forget no one

If your guests know each other, then they may also talk about your wedding. If one person has received a thank you card from you, but the other has not, then it can quickly lead to irritation. So make a list of all of your wedding guests so that you don’t forget anyone.

But you should also remember to thank those people who were not there on the day of the wedding. This is especially the case if you have also received a wedding gift from other people.

Have photos printed too

If you hired a photographer on the day of the wedding, then you will be happy to show your guests a few photos. In particular, the closer family will be happy about one or the other photo. In addition, a few photos loosen up your thank you card and create a great overall picture.

It is a great idea if you take a photo with a thank you garland on the day of the wedding.

1632561886 91 Thank you card text suggestions tips more - Thank you card: text suggestions, tips & more

Text suggestions for your thank you card

Sometimes it is not that easy to say thank you. If you can’t think of the right words right away, then let the following text suggestions for your thank you card inspire you.

  • We are grateful that you spent the day of the wedding with us.
  • Thank you for helping make our special day unforgettable.
  • Thank you very much for your gift and for celebrating our wedding with us.
  • In love, engaged and now married. The day of the wedding will stay in our memories forever. Thank you for celebrating this special day with us.
  • Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful day we shared
  • The day of the wedding literally went by in a flash. A lot of memories remain, of a wonderful day with you.
  • We will never forget the day of the wedding. Thanks for your contribution.
  • We say thank you for a day that we will remember forever.

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Where can I print thank you cards?

There are several different providers for printing thank you cards. With a quick search in a search engine, you will quickly find what you are looking for. The wedding thank you cards shown in this post are all from sendmoments. There you will find a nice selection of different designs for the thank you cards. Since the selection of designs offered is large, you of course have the option to set appropriate filters. You can choose between

  • Styles,
  • Shades,
  • Formats
  • and other filters.

No matter what type of thank you card you choose, your guests will definitely be happy to receive a letter with your card.

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