The 5 most common bones of contention when planning a wedding

Organizing a wedding is always a demanding task for a couple and when the wedding planning is in full swing, there can be a few arguments. Don’t you agree on the flower decorations and the music for the after party? Then you’re not alone, because most bridal couples get a bit in the hair during the wedding planning! Here we tell you the 5 typical points of contention when planning a wedding and also explain how you can easily solve them:

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1. “And how much does it all cost?”

The bride plans, buys and dreams and the groom can’t believe it. Of course, money plays an important role in wedding planning and it is not uncommon for the bride to think that money on the wedding day doesn’t matter – the groom sees it differently. Because after the wedding there are of course many other things for which the bridal couple needs money – a new apartment together, new furniture and maybe the first child? The disputes begin with the budget planning and here bridal couples should quickly come to an agreement and clearly argue: In which areas of the wedding does it make sense to invest a lot of money and where can you save? In cooperation with a professional wedding planner, such considerations become more transparent and thanks to their many years of experience, the experts also know exactly where bridal couples are excellent saving be able.

2. “You’re not inviting THEM!”

This is of course a point of contention that can lead to very heated discussions in many relationships – may the groom’s ex-girlfriend or the ex-boyfriend of the bride come to the wedding? If this question is topical because the ex-partners are still good friends, a clarifying conversation should really be sought. Although the relationship dates back years, the presence of the Ex partners at the wedding really change the mood. Therefore, bridal couples should agree on what the guest list can look like so that both are satisfied and not only them Fight beforehand, but also at the wedding avoid be able.

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3. “Civil Service or Church?”

Although it is clear that the bridal couple wants to enter into the bond of marriage with one another, it is not immediately clear from the marriage proposal what the wedding ceremony should look like. The question “Are we getting married in a civil ceremony or in a church?” can often lead to arguments – especially if the newlyweds have not previously realized the importance of religion spoke in the relationship. You should therefore have a clarifying conversation early on and agree on whether a church marriage is an option for both partners or not.

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4. Commitment: “I always have to do everything!”

When it comes to the work that goes into wedding planning, it often seems like the bride is doing everything to make her dream wedding come true and the groom is holding back. Inevitably and when there are many problems, it just has to be closed discussions come. Because of course the bride also wants to go to the work and the decisions are supported, after all, she does not walk alone in front of the altar! Talk to your partner when you feel left alone with the wedding planning, divide the chores fairly among themselves and also take the time to organize as much as possible together!

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5. The groomsmen: “Why HE/SHE please?”

In addition, both partners must appoint groomsmen for the wedding, who will be important participants in the wedding in order to to certify the marriage by signing it. The choice of witnesses is an important act that includes the best friends, siblings and special relatives in the marriage ceremony as a loving gesture. Therefore, you should not question your partner’s decision under any circumstances, because this could hurt the other person deeply. In addition to marriage, there are of course also for bridal couples best friends and other important people in life. Even if the choice cannot be understood by the partner, he should still be able to accept it and be genuinely happy.

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If you’re right in the middle of that Planning your dream wedding deepened, you should really try to put the arguments behind you, because that’s the only way to organize a celebration that you both enjoy. Let yourself be inspired when planning and designing your party Zankyou Wedding Magazine inspire, for example with the latest trends in bridal fashion, suits for the groom & bridal hairstyles!

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