The Flower Arranging Guide –

Today we are giving you a guide to arranging, with which you can use each of our floral compilations put in the limelight! With these simple steps you can show off your flowers perfectly in the right vase and impress your friends with the newly learned skills.

When arranging the flowers you can proceed according to the motto “step by step”. Including catchy tune, of course.

First things first: the perfect fit!

Before you take the flowers out of the flower paper, you should first find the perfect vase. You can always find tips on this at our Product descriptions in the online shop. If you like it fluffy in your arrangement, we recommend a vase with a wide vase neck. For a more compact version, you can use a vase with a narrow vase neck.

Step 1

Your flowers arrive at you very sleepy and unsorted. First you bring the structure into your life! So take the little ones out of the flower paper and sort them … accessories, medium flowers and large flowers. Then you give them a small cut on the stem so that they can quench their thirst better. The stems must be cut diagonally and from top to bottom with a sharp knife. As an extra, you can also fill in the care product supplied. Further care tips can be found in our flower subscription fee.

The Flower Arranging Guide Bloomy Blog - The Flower Arranging Guide -

Step 2

After you have sorted the flowers, you can start arranging them one after the other in the vase. First you start with the accessories, which you place cross-like in the vase. If necessary, you can always adjust the length of the stems.

Step 3

After you have built the scaffolding with accessories, you can gradually add the flowers sorted according to their size. The main attraction of your arrangement should be draped in the middle of the scaffolding so that these flowers immediately catch the eye of you and your visitors.

Step – done!

With these three simple steps you have conjured up your flowery arrangement! Feel free to split this up Instagram or Facebook and mark us on it. We are looking forward to the results!

1632783955 10 The Flower Arranging Guide Bloomy Blog - The Flower Arranging Guide -

In our Online shop More beautiful flowers await you just waiting to be arranged by you! So feel free to drop by and find the right gift for every occasion or inspiration for your own four walls!

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