Tropical Red


This week we are dreaming away – to warmer tropical climates that pamper us with sun and exotic scents! “Tropical Red” is the perfect combination for this: pincushions, originally from South Africa, and Inca lilies from South America are rounded off by bright pink carnations. Ideal for finally saying goodbye to winter and starting spring full of energy.

You will receive this combination from us by 03/20/2017. Order your flower subscription here or change your subscription by Thu, March 16, 2017, choose March 20, 2017 as the delivery date at the latest and look forward to your BLOOMS of the week!

Pin cushion definitely belong to our favorite exotic species. The plant owes its name to its unusual appearance: of the approximately 50 varieties, only one occurs outside of South Africa and its flowers were found on the African continent Gondwana 150 million years ago. Pincushions are very easy to care for, a fresh cut on arrival ensures long-term enjoyment of the flower. You can find more information and care tips for pin cushions here.

And another exotic one! Inca lilies originally come from South America, where they are primarily found in subtropical, tropical and temperate climates. The Swedish botanist Clas Alstroemer discovered the Inca lily on his travels in the 18th century and brought it back to Europe. Hence its botanical name Alstroemeria, by which it is also known. Always cut inca lilies at a slight angle and remove dead flowers. For more information and care tips on Indian lilies, take a look here.

Cloves are not only a symbol of courage and revolution, but also of admiration and love. They give fullness to any combination and are also extremely durable. Also distributed individually in vases, the divine flowers set beautiful accents in the room. If the carnations hang their heads a little after a while, simply cut the flowers again. More information and care tips for cloves can be found here.

Our vase recommendation for “Tropical Red”

For this short-stemmed bouquet, we recommend a short table vase with an opening that is not too narrow.

We wish you a nice week and a lot of fun with “Beautiful Day”.

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