Valley Blossom


The Bouquet Valley Blossom brings spring into your vase with bright colors and a pleasant scent. The strong pink and yellow tones put you in a good mood and the pleasant scent of the daffodils makes you look forward to spring.

You will receive this colorful compilation from us by 01/30/2017. Order your flower subscription here or change your subscription by Thursday, January 26th, 2017, choose the date of delivery no later than January 30th, 2017 and look forward to your beautiful BLOOMS of the week!

Daffodils are often called daffodils and are indispensable in spring. This bright yellow flower takes its name from the Greek and means “to stun”. This is supposed to be a nod to the intense and numbing smell of the poet’s daffodil that grows in Greece. You can find more information and care tips for daffodils in our flower lexicon.

Valley Blossom combines the daffodils with colorful ones Germini. Germini are a smaller breed of gerbera and have their origins in Asia and southern Africa. This flower is characterized above all by its enormous variety of flower colors. With appropriate care, germini have a very long vase life. You can find more information about Germini here.

As the crowning glory for this extraordinary bouquet, we combine the daffodils and germini Grevillea. Originally the Grevillea comes from Australia and is also called Silbereich. The sweet nectar of this plant is particularly popular with the Aborigines and is either shaken directly into the hand or diluted with a little water and drunk. Here you can find out more information about Grevillea.

Our vase recommendation for “Valley Blossom”

For this combination, we recommend a table vase with a sufficiently high neck, because the germini in this bouquet need sufficient support. If the vases are too short, the germini can often bend or break off.

We hope you enjoy this colorful combination and have a good week.

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