Very Peri Boho style wedding

Have you wondered how bold colors can be used at a wedding? One such color is Very Peri, which combines shades of blue with a violet undertone. Here we show you a very peri wedding in boho style. The typical boho color palette of brown and beige is combined with the strong accent color.

It is not without reason that bridal couples choose the boho style. On our site you will already find some inspiration under the keyword boho. If you don’t know exactly what a boho wedding is, then please take a look at the linked article.


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Cotton candy bar at the wedding - Very Peri Boho style wedding

In this post you will find



Very Peri as a color for the wedding

The idea behind this styled shooting is to combine your own favorite topic or style in a new way. In this way, something completely new and, above all, personal is created. For example, if you are very fond of the boho style, you will find a lot of inspiration in the typical color palette of brown, beige and many earth tones. If your favorite color is not included in your search for suitable inspiration, then don’t let the combination stop you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s very peri, pink, blue or a bright yellow, everything is possible and can suit your individual needs.

Very Peri Boho style wedding - Very Peri Boho style wedding

Boho style combined with bold color

This photo series shows you how you can create something really great with lots of small ideas. It is often the many small details that are easy to implement, but which, on the whole, result in a very coherent overall picture. It doesn’t have to be a Pinterest wedding, but attention to detail is a must.

At this wedding, vintage furniture is the basis of the decoration, which is complemented with dried and fresh flowers, natural wood, gold elements and accessories in a very peri tone. This already provides a great basis for further planning. Here, too, the small details are often the eye-catchers. In this case, the twisted candles, or the small lanterns in the strong accent color Very Peri. By the way, you don’t always have to buy candlesticks and vases yourself, you can also rent them. This is usually cheaper and, above all, more sustainable – you also don’t have 50 vases lying around at home.

Once the base of your decoration is in place, the various other details come into play. It is not always necessary to buy a place card with the name of the guest. How about combining the guest gift with the place card? At this wedding, for example, an agate disc with calligraphy was used. This lay on the plate together with a cloth serviette. In order to pick up on the accent color, a few blossom branches were incorporated. The plate can quickly and easily contribute to the decoration.

1652807209 92 Very Peri Boho style wedding - Very Peri Boho style wedding

Boho style wedding

When we saw the photos of the boho-style wedding, we were immediately amazed. Not only because we like the boho style, but above all because this combination with the strong accent color Very Peri is very successful. But we were also enthusiastic about the many great details and ideas. How about, for example, an alternative to the classic wedding cake? All waffle lovers can also discover a “waffle cake”. But this is just one idea of ​​many. But just see for yourself.

service provider

Photographer: Sascha – your photographer
Concept + planning, furniture, decoration, floristry: Martina Blum – “Dreams Event Styling + Rental”
Concept + planning: just younique
Videography: My Wedding Video
Wedding speech + singing: Ellaine Engel Wedding speeches & singing
Styling: Melina Hair & Make-up Artist
Bridal fashion + wedding rings: bridal nest
Men’s outfitter: DU4
Food truck:
Headpeace + jewelry: Franziska Burezah
Balloons: balooonk
Garzing Table: Snacking
Accessories: lucky marriages
Models: Jana & Bene
Location: creative work


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Decorating a church wedding ideas tips - Very Peri Boho style wedding

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