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Waxflower is an excellent companion for cut flowers in the flower vase. Find out more information here!

Botanical name: Chamelaucium uncinatum

Genus: Chamelaucium

Plant family: Myrtle family (bot. Myrtaceae)

Occurrence: Australia

The waxflower, also called wax flower or Hakiges Chamelaucium, comes from Australia, where it grows as an expansive bush, usually 1-4 meters high. It has its origin in Australia. It has small pink, white or delicate purple flowers with fine, needle-like leaves. The small flowers appear in late winter and spring. Its name “Waxflower” refers to the flower petals that are covered with wax on the inside.

Have you already noticed her special scent? The waxflower smells wonderfully of fresh lemongrass and brings joy into your home.

Care tips for Waxflower

The waxflower is very easy to care for and only needs a fresh cut and then you can put it in fresh water. In order to enjoy the flowers as long as possible, you should change the water in the vase every other day.
If you have the waxflower as a potted plant, you should note that the waxflower does not like low temperatures and spends the winter better indoors.

Waxflower Bloomy Blog Flower tips and more - Waxflower -  |  Flower tips and more

Tulips Bloomy Blog Flower tips and more - Waxflower -  |  Flower tips and more

Waxflower Bloomy Blog Flower tips and more - Waxflower -  |  Flower tips and more

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