Wedding congratulations: sayings, texts & more

Writing congratulations for your wedding is not always easy. It doesn’t matter whether you are invited to a wedding by someone from your family, friends or another, wedding congratulations are definitely appropriate. These are often written on a card, but how can you find the right words? We introduce you to sayings, texts and other ideas for your very own congratulations on the wedding.

If you are invited to a wedding, you not only need a great outfit, but in many cases you also want to bring a surprise for the newlyweds. A gift of money in a card is welcome. You should not only put the money in the greeting card for the wedding, but also write a few words.


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Sayings and texts for your wedding wishes

In this post we will help you to find the right words for your greeting card. The bride and groom are very happy when something more than just “Congratulations” is on the menu. However, it is not that easy to fill a white and blank card with a few great words.

You probably want to wish the bridal couple all the best for their future together and good luck and love for the rest of their lives. In good times and bad, of course. But how can this be formulated appropriately for a card?

We will introduce you to various ideas on how you can formulate the right congratulations for the wedding. You are of course welcome to use this for your own greeting card for the wedding.

Find personal words

A little further down we present you with ready-made texts for your congratulations on the wedding. Our suggestions for the sayings and texts should, in the best case, only serve for your inspiration. It is especially nice when you can find your own personal words for the bride and groom. It’s not that difficult if you answer the following questions for yourself:

  • How did you get to know the bride and groom?
  • What do you have in common with the bride and groom?
  • What is the first thought when you think of the bride and groom?
  • What have you already experienced together?
  • What distinguishes the two?

Write the answers to these questions on a piece of paper and use this as a basis for a few very personal congratulations to the newlyweds. For example, for good friends of ours we would write:

In our many years of friendship, it has long been clear to us that one day the two of you would be married. We have always found that the two of you are a perfect match and complement each other in a wonderful way. With your wedding rings you are now wearing a symbol of what you were for us even before the wedding. Man and woman, for a lifetime and beyond.

Both of them have told us again and again that a wedding is actually not absolutely necessary. After all, even without getting married, you can spend your life together and be happy. Nevertheless, we are firmly convinced that the two of them will celebrate their love at some point in the form of a wedding.

Classic sayings for congratulations

If you like it more classic, then feel free to use one of the following sayings. These types of texts are ideal when the relationship with a newlyweds is not that close. From someone from the immediate family, however, we would advise against such classic and general sayings for congratulations. In these cases a few personal words are appropriate.

We wish you all the best, luck and health for your wedding.

We wish you all the best on your life together.

Congratulations on your marriage and on your future life.

We wholeheartedly congratulate you on your wedding.

Modern wedding sayings

We ourselves are not really fans of old-fashioned-sounding sayings or quotes that are related to a wedding. Modern wedding sayings are easy to read and rather short.

In love, engaged, married are just a few words. For you they now have a special meaning, because now these three words describe your common path.

It doesn’t matter where a path leads, as long as you walk it together.

The first kiss as a man and woman is the beginning of a new journey together.

We always knew that one day you would be husband and wife. It doesn’t matter whether it’s ups or downs, you belong together.

Quotes as congratulations on the wedding

If the sayings and texts presented so far did not include the appropriate congratulations for the wedding, then of course you can also quote from well-known people. You can find quotes as congratulations on the wedding when you search the Internet on many sites.

If you decide on a quote as a congratulations on the wedding, then don’t take the best first. Rather, pay attention to whether it really suits the bride and groom.

Gift of money to the bride and groom

Nowadays, many bridal couples only want money as a wedding gift. So if you have decided on a card with a suitable saying, then think about whether you also have a nice idea for the cash gift. Take a look at the 10 most beautiful ideas for money gifts for the wedding.


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