Wedding plotters: is it worth buying?

Some DIY brides buy a wedding plotter. Not without reason, because after all, some great things can be conjured up with it. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what a plotter is and how much it costs to buy.

What is a plotter?

A plotter, also known as a cutting plotter, is a device with which you can cut out various things. It looks similar to a normal printer, but has a cutting blade instead of ink.


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Decorating a church wedding ideas tips - Wedding plotters: is it worth buying?

The cutting blade moves along lines and thereby cuts a film or textiles. This allows you to cut lettering, for example your name for the ring box. In contrast to a normal printer, it is not printed line by line, so that the sheet gradually comes out of the printer. While the plotter moves along the stored lines, the mat of the plotter often moves in and out when cutting. Depending on where the cutting blade has to go.

Wedding plotters is it worth buying - Wedding plotters: is it worth buying?
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How much does a wedding plotter cost

With a plotter alone you have the opportunity to cut something very precisely. But if you are really interested in a plotter for the wedding, then you will need some accessories in addition to the actual device. You have to take this into account when calculating the costs for the plotter.

This includes the various foils, which have to be cut accordingly, but you will also need replacement blades, replacement adhesive mats and other things over time.

If you want to plot special motifs for the wedding, there is a very nice selection on Etsy. One or two euros must also be planned for this.

The overview in the next section gives you an overview of the costs for your own plotter.

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What you all need

In order to give you a feeling of the respective costs, we have listed below an overview of the various things that you need for a plotter for the wedding. Of course, this starts with the device. This is available in different designs and price ranges.

Wedding plotters is it worth buying.php - Wedding plotters: is it worth buying?


  • Improved scanning technology with a high resolution of 600 dpi for details in your scanning process. The integrated scanner is height adjustable so that it can also be used when scanning materials.

Accessories for the plotter

In addition, as already described, you will need some accessories. Of course, it depends on your personal needs. With the actual device, of course, depending on the model, one or the other is included, but these are consumables that have to be replaced accordingly.

Is it worth buying?

The acquisition costs are in the middle three-digit figure, depending on the model selected. So not exactly little money. Buying a plotter for the wedding should therefore be carefully considered.

If you only want to plot two or three lettering, then buy the appropriate stickers. You can find an overview of the plotted items on this page.

If, on the other hand, you should like to do one or two plots after the wedding, for example for your own sayings or graphics on textiles, then the purchase might be worthwhile. Often, used plotters can also be resold well, so that you get the investment back at least a little when you no longer need the device.

Ideas how you can use a plotter for the wedding

In the pictures in this post you have already seen the first ideas on how to use a plotter for the wedding. With little effort you can, for example

or personalize other things. The plotter helps you to cut the lettering or shapes out of a foil, which you then only have to glue or iron onto the respective objects.


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