What do you give as a groom?

The greatest gift on your wedding day is to yourself the YES word to each other admit. After that, one wonderful moment follows the next. To make the day perfect, the groom gives his bride a wedding gift that guaranteed tears of joy cares. We’ll tell you which ones Gifts from the bridegroom to his wife gives pleasure:

  1. Jewelry as a symbol of love
  2. flowers or the bridal bouquet
  3. Couple shoot or after wedding shoot
  4. Bridal styling or beauty gift
  5. A romantic journey for two
  6. Fulfill secret dreams!
  7. A special accessory
  8. Personalized decoration

1. Jewelry as a symbol of love

True to the motto Diamonds are a girl’s best friend lie men with one valuable gem, which is intended to commemorate the wedding day in addition to the wedding ring, is never wrong. For example dial in bracelet respectively one Chain, which can be supplemented with other pendants or stones from wedding day to wedding day. Let your creativity run free! Find the right pieces of jewelry, for example, at Hirmiz Trauringlounge Ludwigsburg or TRAURINGSCHMIEDE.

2. Flowers for love

How about a special bouquet subscription? The idea here: Your loved one receives one once a month fresh bouquet of flowers, which will make her whole week sweeter. If your wife is a big fan of flowers and plants, this gift could be just the right choice! Just ask at these Florists in Germany for: Die Blumentante, Silk and Magnolia, Die BergBlume, Die Kathe – Blumen or look around in our business directory for an expert in your area!

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Silk and Magnolia

Photo: Silk and Magnolia

3. Couples Shooting or After Wedding Shooting

If you have just started planning your wedding or just feel like it in general, you could do one too Couple or after-wedding shooting give a gift. This gift allows you to create memories that will last forever and there is definitely no woman who is not overwhelmed professional couple photos by a renowned photographer.

wedding photographer For example, Ernst Merkhofer accompanied a couple to Rome and realized a wonderful report with them. ask at talented wedding photographers after a consultation and the possibilities: Simon Mellar wedding photography, Katharina Mikhrin Photography, Mrs & Mr – Photographic Moments and BRING ME SOMEWHERE NICE – Dani Rodriguez are just a few of them.

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Photo: Ernst Merkhofer

4. A day with a stylist and a beauty gift

All stars have their personal top stylists and fashion consultants. So why not give your loved ones this unique experience? The tips one experienced fashion stylist are something unique and so you could easily give her a day with a professional stylist. Nicole Hahn fashion stylist provides you with all-round advice at the meeting and ensures a perfect look, because “which woman doesn’t want a bit of Hollywood feeling and to feel like a star for a day”?

The bride will like a voucher to be made beautiful. For a great make-up and hair styling The experts from the most beautiful bride or wedding flower also take care of this, preparing you perfectly for a romantic dinner for two and giving you all-round advice.

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Photo: ETZER.DE – Photography / flowers: The flower aunt

5. A trip makes for romantic hours

Also a small but special trip will put a smile on your wife’s face. Regardless of the relaxing honeymoon, this excursion could be a shopping trip to Milan, a wellness vacation or a short hiking tour. Give a trip where the bride can choose the destination! It doesn’t matter if romantic weekend with dinner or spa day for two – there are numerous hotels that will make this kind of gift unforgettable together with you: the Hotel Zum Löwen or that For example, Parkhotel Adler Hinterzarten is an excellent choice.

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Hotel Zum Löwen

Credits: Hotel Zum Löwen

6. Fulfilling woman’s secret dreams

Do you know the your wife’s most secret longings? Think about it! The wedding is great and everyone is completely satisfied, but maybe the bride wants an intimate ceremony to really enjoy the moment in peace and in connection with spa, then we recommend that to you luxury hotel Castilla Termal Monasterio de Valbuena in Spain, which also houses a highly acclaimed spa complex or the The Ritz-Carlton, Abama. The Cigarral de las Mercedes estate in the historic city of Toledo in Spain is particularly suitable for a luxurious celebration with the most beautiful view, pure elegance and in a quiet environment. Also Dlike Quinta Splendida Wellness & Botanical Garden in Portugal or the Grand Hotel San Marino in Italy, we can recommend you. If you want to travel a little further to avoid all the stress, we recommend the Zanzibar Collection in Tanzania. This is a traditional property in Toledo, Spain that has been transformed into a luxurious venue for corporate and private celebrations. Celebrate your wedding on five hectares of land surrounded by calm, amplitude and elegance, adapting it to your wishes.

7. A special accessory

Pour your partner unique accessorywhich can be worn on the wedding day as well as in everyday life afterwards. BeWooden example offers great Partner Accessories with which you and Deune loved ones can shine in a matching look. Whether matching color bracelets or bow ties/bows with a wooden look – show that you belong together!

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Credits: BeWooden

8. Personalized decoration

A lovingly selected home accessory will not only inspire your future wife, but at the same time spice up the four walls you share. How about, for example, a stylish decorative light that lights up in the dark romantic mood spread? The personalized deco lights from Unique Art Germany are made of poplar wood and are available in various motifs, for example:

  • How about one stylized heart and the wrestling as a symbol of love?
  • or wedding doves as a symbol of loyalty?
  • This is also particularly popular infinity symbol as a sign of eternal love.
  • There are many others romantic motives such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, anchors, puzzle pieces or horseshoes to symbolize love, togetherness as a married couple and happiness.

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Unique Art Germany

Personalized decorative light heart & rings with the names of the couple and the wedding date. Photo: Unique Art Germany

Now you are certainly inspired and highly motivated, your sweetheart one great surprise to prepare with the gift on the wedding day. A little something that makes everyone happy and can be added to any larger gift: personalized chocolates from chocolissimo, or personalized M&M’s ® from My M&M’s® Germany

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