What gardeners need to know in July: Which plants fit on a south-facing balcony – apart from cacti?

I have an anthill in my raised bed. The lettuce is already broken, now comes the attack on the tomato. What can I do?
Diatomaceous earth is particularly efficient as a repellent. This powder (looks like baby powder) is dusted onto the burrow and the ant trails. Repeat the procedure after heavy rain. The animals are frightened and migrate away.

Which plants fit on a south-facing balcony – apart from cacti?
There’s a whole lot: pelargoniums are extremely heat-resistant, then ice plants and the wide range of Mediterranean herbs – such as rosemary, thyme, sage and oregano. The roof root is particularly robust against drought.

I don’t want to dig up a tree stump, I want to let it rot. What’s the quickest way?
It is best to drill many deep holes in the wood and fill them up with organic fertilizer. In general, cover the entire tree stump with compost and keep it moist at all times. Then rotting starts (more) quickly. Still it will take time.

Another tomato problem! There is a brown spot on the underside of the fruit – why?
This is not a disease, but a lack of calcium that occurs with high temperatures and irregular watering. Provide with organic fertilizer, water regularly and do not throw away the fruits. They mature, can be used and only the brown spot needs to be cut away.
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Many branches of our sweetgum tree have died. Planted five years ago, barely watered and was lovely to begin with.
That should be on the ground. Sweetgum tolerates drought well, but it will not thrive if there is only construction debris or only compacted soil. Loosen the soil around the tree generously and deeply (do not prick!), fertilize organically and apply compost. Water vigorously once a week.

Our walnut is too big, when can I cut it?
August is the best time for this. But not too strong! Always cut away, that is, always on a side branch – and not just “amputate” branches.

Does it still make sense to fertilize the lawn?
Yes, but after fertilizing it should rain heavily without the fertilizer being washed away. It would be even better if it had previously rained so that when you fertilize the soil is already moist.
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Our oleander is under cover and this year has not a single flower and silvery leaves. Throw away?
no Fertilize, water intensively now in summer and spray with water daily. The plant is infested with spider mites. Use organic sprays or (if possible) put it outside so that it rains down again and again. Spider mites then perish immediately.

What gardeners need to know in July Does it still - What gardeners need to know in July: Which plants fit on a south-facing balcony - apart from cacti?

What to do if the oleander gets silvery leaves?

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The walnut tree planted in autumn bears nine fruits, should they be removed?
It is good for such young trees if you remove two thirds of the fruit. This gives it the strength to form roots and shoots. In the coming year it will probably bear less, in two years the harvest will begin with your extremely robust and high-bearing variety.

A yellow, mushy coating has formed on the soil in my raised bed.
It is a slime mold called the yellow loh flower or witch’s butter. It is not poisonous, but we consider it inedible. It grows extremely quickly and appears where wood rots and there is a lot of moisture. You can eat vegetables.

There are ant nests all over the garden, baking soda didn’t work.
I have had my best success with diatomaceous earth. But only if it hasn’t rained. Dust the burrow several times and the ants will disappear.
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The chives are getting thinner and thinner. Do you have to swap sticks?
No! Chives can get very old if you fertilize them regularly, dig them up and divide them in spring and stop harvesting them from mid-August. So, now supply with liquid fertilizer.

What gardeners need to know in July Which plants fit - What gardeners need to know in July: Which plants fit on a south-facing balcony - apart from cacti?

Are the tomatoes sick if the leaves curl up?


My tomatoes are twisting their leaves. Hunger? Thirst? Or sick?
Rolled up leaves on tomato plants indicate an excess of nitrogen. So never fertilize, but continue to supply water evenly. When watering, the following generally applies: it is better to take a vigorous break every few days and then again. Don’t get the foliage wet.
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How long can I eat the rhubarb? Is it really poisonous?
Rhubarb is not poisonous, but it does contain a lot of oxalic acid, which can cause stomach problems in sensitive people. You can feel this acid as a coating on your teeth. The usual end of the harvest around the summer solstice has another reason: the aim is to give the hive the chance to recharge its batteries for the next year.

In the shade garden, hydrangeas and hostas fall victim to the snail invasion. The plants look like after hail. I don’t want to use slug pellets.
It means promoting beneficial insects. Leave the leaves where they are for ground beetles to settle in. Create a pile of leaves, maybe a hedgehog will get lost in the city garden. And if slug pellets, then only one based on iron-III-phosphate. This is safe. All others are highly toxic.
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Do I have to fertilize all the roses now?
No! Fertilization is important for the hybrid tea roses that bloom several times. Wild roses, historical roses or even grown climbing and rambler roses do not need to be fertilized.

I have problems with cucumbers and zucchini, the fruits, which are a few centimeters in size, turn yellow and rot. I’ve tried different types.
The main problem this year is the cold. In general, however, you should remove the first two to three fruit buds from these plants so that the plants can form enough roots.

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Why do snails eat early marigolds, but not wild ones?
It has not yet been fully clarified, but the soft cells of the preferred plants are probably a treat, while the free-growing ones are more robust. Hardening off the plants in pots outdoors helps in many cases before putting them in their final location.

Do Roman snails eat the clutches of slugs or my flowers?
There is no danger. Roman snails, like some others, are the health police, eating things that are rotting and putrefying. At times they eat the clutches of slugs, but not significantly, still left in the garden.

Hundreds of slugs cavort on the compost heap. Give up? Collection is impossible.
I have a lot of slow worms living in my compost heap, they are big snail eaters. I also sprinkle the iron-III-phosphate slug pellets in early spring. Compost is an invaluable source of power.

I’ve had citrus trees for 30 years, they’ve been in the conservatory for two years, even in summer, but now the fruit is falling.
There is a lack of fertilization in the conservatory, hence the shedding. If moving outdoors is no longer possible, then you have to play the pollinator and go from flower to flower with a brush.

1657781450 437 What gardeners need to know in July Which plants fit - What gardeners need to know in July: Which plants fit on a south-facing balcony - apart from cacti?

What to do if the lemon tree loses its fruit

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Why is the second sowing of radishes not working for me?
When it comes to radishes, it is important to ensure that you do not plant spring and autumn radishes in summer. The different day lengths prevent the plants from forming tubers.

The vine bears well, but the fruit springs forth.
This is a sign of irregular water supply. Vines don’t actually need to be watered because their roots go deep into the ground. Just stop giving water.

What to do now in the garden and on the balcony

We’ve long since reached the height of summer. Late summer only begins when the clear apples ripen. A few things should be done:

  • withered Cut off the roses as before.
  • The hedges should also be trimmed.
  • 2 year old summer flowers, such as mulleins, bluebells, pansies and hollyhocks are sown now – they will then bloom next year. Find a cool spot for the pansies to germinate.
  • Cut out tomatoes – Remove side shoots. Only water the soil and cut off the bottom leaves.
  • Fruits among the zucchini rot after flowering, cut off and fertilize with nettle manure. Maybe it’s a nutrient deficiency. Balcony flowers now need regular fertilizer!

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