7 tips + 3 outfit ideas

The dear transitional period has us fully under control and when the weather between Autumn and winter or winter and spring once again doesn’t really know what it wants, the morning decision in front of the wardrobe is often not that easy. The perfect transition outfit not only has to be able to cope with temperature fluctuations, it should also be able to do so as stylish as possible be.

That’s why I want to present you here on my fashion blog today 7 styling tips for outfits for the transitional period to give along and on top of that I still have 3 outfit ideas to you.

7 tips 3 outfit ideas - 7 tips + 3 outfit ideas

This is what the perfect transitional outfit looks like!

It’s morning freezing coldat noon bring us Sunbeams increasingly making you sweat and in the evening there might be a few snowflakes after all – it gets boring in the transition period as for the weather, certainly not. But armed with the right fashion tips, the big temperature differences don’t bother us that much! Thanks to the always popular onion look fashion, we are optimally prepared for all whims of the weather and stay both Absolutely stylish in the sun as well as in frost.

Before I share my current favorite looks with you, I would like to share with you a few practical tips that I have used over the years for the Putting together transitional outfits have collected.

7 tips for a great transitional outfit

  1. Warm but not too warm: Yes, when it’s wintry cold at the beginning of the day, people like to wrap up warm. But here you should definitely start with a bit of foresight outfit planning approach. The warm hours of sunshine come faster than you think and especially layers that you can’t take off so easily then make us sweat. And that’s exactly what we should actually avoid, because here lurks a source of danger for colds! Better up many thin layers put than few thick.
  2. Layered look with style: There are two types of layered looks: Den invisible with thermal underwear and wool socks and the street style ready with a combination of visible layered parts. I also choose the latter for my current outfits, because this variant of the layered look is much more versatile in everyday life and also makes the changing weather conditions a little more exciting for fashion lovers like me.
  3. The perfect transitional jacket: It doesn’t always have to be a parka or a leather jacket. A great tip are also Knit or wool blazer – they instantly add a smart finish to any outfit. Alternatively, there is also a mix of coat and cardigan, better known as Coatigan.
  4. Trends to pull over: Completely along the lines of the current fashion trends are also trench coats a great top layer when it comes to layered looks. We now like to wear them open over cardigans and oversized sweaters.
  5. Practical accessory: Light towels provide as a belt or pocket add-on for a cool eye-catcher and can at the same time in no time at all turned into a scarf when a chilly breeze makes itself felt.
  6. Preferably oversized: The onion outfit looks particularly harmonious when between the layers there is still enough space and all parts fall loose can. Therefore, the upper layers should be the best as oversized and loose as possible be cut.
  7. mix and match: As far as colors are concerned, a Transitional outfit made up of many layers especially good for color coordination. The rule of thumb here is: preferably between two layers in one similar color and one opposite tone combine and drape everything in such a way that every part is visible in the finished look.

3 outfit ideas for the transitional period

#1 Transitional outfit with culottes

At first I couldn’t really get used to the trend color lilac. In the meantime I have learned to love it and find the shade really refreshing for my wardrobe. This beautiful nuance comes into its own particularly well with muted colors such as beige and light brown. In this transitional outfit, I’m wearing a purple culotte, black combat boots, a thick knit sweater and a light, quilted jacket.

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Purple culotte, creamy white knit sweater, quilted jacket, black combat boots, black shoulder bag

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#2 Layering Outfit with Cape

You could say chic in knitwear here. I wear a cozy, slightly longer cardigan with the knitted leggings. In my opinion, a cape is perfect for the transitional period – it keeps you warm but is still airy enough for warm days. The look gets sporty with a padded baseball cap and the large shopper. I prefer to wear my combat boots with it, but sneakers also work with this transitional outfit.

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - 7 tips + 3 outfit ideas

Ribbed leggings, quilted bag, padded cap, gray cardigan, beige cape, black combat boots

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#3 Outfit with hoodie and quilted vest

If you don’t have a quilted waistcoat hanging in your closet yet, be sure to read this trend report. There is hardly a more ideal jacket for the transitional period. Keeps you warm but not too warm, can be combined with almost anything and gives every look that certain something! Cheers to quilted vests! In this transitional outfit, I combine beige leather trousers with white sneakers, a yellow hoodie and a beige vest.

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - 7 tips + 3 outfit ideas

Beige quilted vest, yellow hoodie, imitation leather leggings, white sneakers, brown belt bag

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