Daahls by Emma Roberts exclusively for ABOUT YOU

On March 22, 2023, ABOUT YOU launched the exclusive collection with actress and director Emma Roberts. Together with the American film star, a capsule collection was created that invites fans and followers into an imaginative dream world. Inspired by Emma’s personal fashion preferences and fantasies, the pieces are an exciting mix of traditional Western styles and trendy 50’s elements. ‘Daahls by Emma Roberts exclusively for ABOUT YOU’ is available from 6 p.m. in all 26 ABOUT YOU online stores – including worldwide shipping options.

ABOUT YOU expands its portfolio with the next international cooperation: With the actress and director Emma Roberts, the online fashion store is collaborating with another world-renowned personality. The actress not only reaches the young and trend-conscious ABOUT YOU target group with her films and TV series, she also inspires with her own self-confident style. “We are delighted to be working with Emma Roberts. As a successful all-rounder, Emma has been inspiring young women all over the world for years. She had a clear vision for our joint collection and showed full commitment. So Emma not only combined the looks for the campaign shoot herself, but also designed the characteristic logo of the capsule collection together with her sister Grace,” says Sofia Hagemeier, Head of Exclusive Cooperations at ABOUT YOU.

Daahls by Emma Roberts exclusively for ABOUT YOU - Daahls by Emma Roberts exclusively for ABOUT YOU

Emma’s fashion style can best be described as feminine and playful with a vintage touch and can be found in the exclusive ABOUT YOU collection. Cool cowgirl vibes meet smart 50’s looks and become trendy pieces that correspond exactly to Emma’s imagination and ideas. “I couldn’t be happier to share my collection with ABOUT YOU! All sides of my character come together in the collection – feminine, retro, but above all playful. I’ve always wanted to create something that embodies everything I love to wear and feel confident in, so I’m really excited about this opportunity,” said Emma Roberts. The result: A fascinating dream world inspired by Emma’s love for books and stories with the abstract name ‘Daahls’ by Emma Roberts.

1679944980 983 Daahls by Emma Roberts exclusively for ABOUT YOU - Daahls by Emma Roberts exclusively for ABOUT YOU

As a real bookworm, the actress loves the fashion trend ‘Academia Aesthetics’, which is reminiscent of Ivy League libraries and prep school uniforms. This can also be found in her collection: knit vests and polos, college t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as book club prints and statement collars create smart retro looks. Overall, the collection is characterized by natural fabrics such as cotton, lyocell and linen, which appear in cheerful colors such as pink, denim blue and red. All pieces present the perfect mix of feminine, cool and still playful. Denim and checked patterns with a vintage wash and horseshoe print recreate the casual Western look, while feminine cuts and cute details such as bows and ruffles round off the collection. The shooting entitled ‘Sugarland’ picks up on this lovely component and depicts Emma’s dream world. Photographer Felix Cooper created a sugar-sweet wonderland in the LA studio that combines wild west elements with retro suburban chic. This is achieved through the use of cowboy props such as cacti and rodeo elements mixed with trendy 50s styling. The interesting combination of classy old-school flair and a pinch of cheekiness perfectly reflects Emma’s collection. She leads the viewer into her personal fantasy world and leaves him surprised and enchanted.

1679944980 938 Daahls by Emma Roberts exclusively for ABOUT YOU - Daahls by Emma Roberts exclusively for ABOUT YOU

All 86 pieces of the International Collection ‘Daahls by Emma Roberts exclusive for ABOUT YOU’ are available from March 22, 2023 in all European ABOUT YOU online stores – including worldwide shipping option – available in sizes 34-44. The styles cost between €19.90 and €229.90.

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