Foot care for beautiful feet in summer

Foot care for beautiful feet in summer - Foot care for beautiful feet in summer

It’s that time again: Summer is just around the corner and now the time for foot care begins! The temperatures are rising and with it the need to let your feet out in the fresh air again. This not only helps the foot to cool and breathe, it also becomes an absolute highlight with a suitable shoe.

Are your feet ready for summer? No matter how you answer this question: With the following valuable tips in our article about the right foot care, you will definitely get through the summer easily and with beautiful feet!

Why is foot care necessary?

Our feet reliably carry us from A to B throughout our lives and are therefore incredibly important. It is all the more amazing that the feet are the most disadvantaged part of the human body. This may be because we don’t see them in our shoes and socks as often as, for example, our hands. That’s why we tend to forget them and think: “Nobody sees them anyway!”. Also, some people are uncomfortable with the appearance of their feet or the odor that occurs from time to time. That’s why many people prefer to hide their feet in shame rather than show them off proudly, even in summer.
With the right foot care and our tips, however, such problems are finally a thing of the past. Then there is no reason to hide your feet.
Any foot can be a beautiful foot if you take good care of it!

Tips for beautiful feet

And that’s where it gets down to business. The following foot care tips will help you get the most out of your feet.

The basic care program

It all starts with thorough and regular care of your feet. This includes several steps, because after all, the feet should not only be clean, but also cared for.


Start your self-made wellness pedicure with a warm foot bath. This cleans the feet, makes the skin and nails softer and more supple and also nourishes the skin. This works excellently with foot bath salt and peeling to remove dead skin particles.

1674057341 214 Foot care for beautiful feet in summer - Foot care for beautiful feet in summer

Removal of the cornea

Do you have annoying or unsightly calluses on your feet? Calluses can be removed after the foot bath with the help of a callus sponge or stone. However, if you prefer simplicity and technology, you can just as easily use an electrically operated callus removal device.

Extensive nail care

Next up are the nails. Nail care is just as important on the feet as it is on the hands. For a well-groomed appearance, keep your toenails as straight and short as possible with suitable nail scissors, nail clippers or a nail file. Rounded corners prevent snagging in socks and scratches. If the toenails are shortened, you can polish them and then treat them with nail cream so that they remain supple and do not break.

Regular grooming

1674057341 149 Foot care for beautiful feet in summer - Foot care for beautiful feet in summerHowever, daily care plays an equally important role in the well-being of your feet. Apply lotion to your feet regularly to reduce the formation of calluses and to provide your feet with sufficient moisture. This way you can avoid tearing your skin and your feet will thank you with a fresh and healthy look.

sweaty feet? no problem

Who doesn’t know it: It’s hot, you’re moving outdoors in the wonderful weather and suddenly you notice it. Your feet begin to smell badly from the naturally secreted perspiration. This is embarrassing for many people, but it doesn’t have to be! With foot powder or deodorizing foot spray you can enjoy the summer carefree! But you can also prevent excessive sweating with a foot bath. Footbaths with oak bark extract or sage reduce the perspiration of your feet. The discomfort in the summer should therefore no longer be a problem for you.

hair removal

Some of the ladies certainly don’t want to admit it, but it’s a fact: Both the ladies and the gentlemen of creation have fine hairs on the back of their feet and on their toes. However, thanks to hair removal, these can quickly disappear so that your feet will look like baby feet again. However, we would advise against shaving: the regrowing stubble can quickly become uncomfortable on the skin. Hair removal creams or epilation or waxing of the feet are better.

Foot Diseases and Disorders

However, you should keep your hands off cracks and corns! If you lend a hand here, the risk of injury and aggravation of symptoms is very high. Better let a professional do the work here. Chiropodists and podiatrists are very familiar with such complaints and can help you with their expertise. The same also applies to nail fungus.

Highlights for your feet to make you jealous

1674057341 196 Foot care for beautiful feet in summer - Foot care for beautiful feet in summer

But in addition to thorough and regular foot care, there are other tips that you can use to make your feet a real eye-catcher. With great and skilfully combined accessories, your feet will only attract attention.

nail polish

Who doesn’t know him? It’s one of women’s favorite accessories: nail polish. But why would you only wear it on your fingernails? After all, your feet also have nails that need to be decorated! Every woman has her own preferences. Some like it bright and colourful, others prefer it subtle and elegant. However, you can also match the nail design to your shoes and clothes. Here are a few tips for really successful combinations:

Red and black1674057341 686 Foot care for beautiful feet in summer - Foot care for beautiful feet in summer

Red nail polish is the classic among nail polish colors. If your feet shine in this color, you can hardly go wrong. However, your feet should be well cared for, otherwise the red cannot achieve its full effect. In combination with a black platform sandal like this one by Konstantin Starke and a suitably elegant outfit, you will draw everyone’s attention.

Yellow and orange in ethnic style

1674057341 32 Foot care for beautiful feet in summer - Foot care for beautiful feet in summerA radiant, sunny yellow and full orange harmonize incredibly well with light brown ethnic sandals. It is particularly successful when the colored accents of the foot are incorporated into the shoe. If you opt for such a look in combination with a casual maxi dress, we can warmly recommend these wedge sandals by Eddie Rodriguez.

Baby blue and dark blue…

… fit together like a glove! If your toes shine in a heavenly baby blue, the high-contrast combination with dark blue shoes looks particularly summery. You could find your perfect companion in these flat sandals by Panama Jack.1674057342 859 Foot care for beautiful feet in summer - Foot care for beautiful feet in summer

Sparkling and playful

In the evening it is usually a little more glamorous and eye-catching. Eye-catching shoes with sparkling stones and equally sparkling accessories and clothing go well with this. With all the bling-bling, your toenails shouldn’t go under! We therefore recommend rich, deep colors such as violet, which compete with the rest of the shine of the outfit and ensure absolute highlights. Shoes to go with this nail design include these Shirley Mae silver sandals.

1674057342 817 Foot care for beautiful feet in summer - Foot care for beautiful feet in summer

1674057342 275 Foot care for beautiful feet in summer - Foot care for beautiful feet in summer

And great accents can also be set with other accessories such as skin tattoos, toe rings and anklets.

Other tips

There are also a few other things in everyday life that help you and your feet to feel good and thus optimally complement foot care.

  • cool down in between: From time to time your feet may need a freshening boost because they are swollen, tired or just warm. A cold foot bath or cooling foot spray for on the go will help here.
  • Reflexology: Sometimes your feet are quite tense and stressed from all the exertion. A foot reflexology massage can help here.
  • To run barefoot: Shoes can often constrict us, prevent the foot from breathing and heat builds up. Dare to walk around barefoot as often as you can. There is nothing healthier for a foot!
  • Proper shoes: But if you do end up having to wear shoes, choose the right pair specifically for your feet.

1674057342 211 Foot care for beautiful feet in summer - Foot care for beautiful feet in summer

Nice feet in summer? No more problems with these tips!

As you can see, proper and regular foot care is not only necessary for feeling good, but also quite simple. With a little regular dedication, nothing can stand in the way of a successful summer for you and your feet. It’s worth the effort, so give it a try. We promise you: You won’t be disappointed and will get through the summer well-groomed.

Surely you were able to take one or the other valuable tip for foot care from our article. With that we say goodbye to you and wish you a lot of fun trying it out!

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