Simply make vegan mayonnaise yourself

Basically, we are very open when it comes to vegan or vegetarian dishes and we would never have thought, for example, that vegan products could be used to create such an ingenious dish vegan risotto can conjure up, as you can find here on our blog. So we always like to tinker around and just as we generally like to reinvent ourselves in the kitchen, we do it again and again with vegetarian and vegan products. That’s why we have vegan mayonnaise today.

Simply make vegan mayonnaise yourself - Simply make vegan mayonnaise yourself
1675450358 610 Simply make vegan mayonnaise yourself - Simply make vegan mayonnaise yourself

From vegetarian to vegan mayonnaise

When we make our own mayonnaise, we’ve been making it without eggs for a long time. Although the danger is not great, we feel better if we make our mayonnaise with milk instead of egg, like we do with ours Aioli. Especially with the aioli, we like the clear white and don’t miss anything when we replace the egg with milk and we minimize the risk of salmonella, especially when children eat with us. So the way to a vegan mayonnaise was only a very, very short step, actually only one step.

For our vegan mayonnaise we only had to replace the milk and we simply looked at the vegan alternatives. We have had the best experience with almond milk in terms of consistency and taste. For us, the aroma is simply a well-rounded overall package and we really like it. Next week we will also make our aioli with almond milk directly to see if there is a disadvantage in terms of taste.

Our vegan alternative with the ESGE Wand Cordless

For our vegan mayonnaise we used one of our favorite toys again, the ESGE Magic Wand Cordless. You won’t believe how much relief it is with such a device when there is no longer a long cable hanging from it and you can handle it freely. This is simply an unbelievable added value, especially if you like to cook on the grill in summer and prepare dishes apart from the actual grilling. With our vegan mayonnaise, such a magic wand is the perfect way to make it easier to make, but high speed is just incredibly important. Our ESGE Magic Wand Cordless also achieves this speed in battery operation and that makes it so unique.

1675450358 685 Simply make vegan mayonnaise yourself - Simply make vegan mayonnaise yourself

Since we’ve been using it, we can’t and don’t want to imagine any other blender in our kitchen. Thanks to battery operation, it can be used flexibly, has real power and speed, and the battery doesn’t run out after two minutes. It has to be said that the Cordless has real endurance and that’s why we love it so much and the vegan mayonnaise is simply a dream come true.

Recipe for our vegan mayonnaise

If you are looking for more recipe ideas, we already have an incredible one with the ESGE magic wand tasty gazpacho made. But now the recipe for our vegan mayonnaise.

1675450358 223 Simply make vegan mayonnaise yourself - Simply make vegan mayonnaise yourself


Vegan mayonnaise

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Our vegan mayonnaise is a great alternative for people who do not use animal products or just want to try something new.
Court Sauces & Dips
Country & Region Belgium, Germany, Netherlands
keywords Mayonnaise, vegan
preparation time 5 minutes
portions 8th


  • 240 ml vegetable oil tasteless
  • 120 ml Almond milk
  • 1 tsp Mustard
  • 1 splash lemon juice
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1/2 tsp pepper
  • 1/2 tsp Sugar


  • Put all the ingredients in a tall vessel and place the magic wand on the bottom of the vessel. It is important that you do not press the button yet.
  • As soon as everything has settled slightly, press the button and let it run for about 10 seconds and then slowly pull up the magic wand during operation and mix the mayonnaise just once more.
  • Season again with salt and pepper.


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