The Curtain Bangs Guide: This is how you style the trendy hairstyle

The social media platforms are currently overdoing themselves with new hairstyle and beauty trends. One trend is particularly noticeable: Curtain bangs. The hip trend hairstyle that suits everyone.

No matter what face shape you wear; the curtain bangs flatter you.

In this guide, we explain what curtain bangs are all about and how you can best wear and style curtain bangs in 2023.

What are curtain bangs?

The Curtain Bangs Guide This is how you style the - The Curtain Bangs Guide: This is how you style the trendy hairstyle

Curtain bangs are a special type of pony cut. To be more precise, it is a pony cut, which is also referred to as a “curtain pony” in professional circles.

For this bang on trend, hair is parted down the middle and shaped like a curtain on either side of your face.

The trend hairstyle curtain bangs is characterized above all by the fact that it can be cut long or short. A casual alternative to the traditional side parting, this hairstyle is ideal for women who like wearing bangs or who want a new look without too much effort.

Why are curtain bangs so popular in 2023?

Curtain bangs embody a modern and casual alternative to classic bangs.

With sophistication and elegance, this pony hairstyle gives you a new look in no time without appearing conservative.

You can also use this fringe trend to cleverly emphasize your facial features or just as cleverly conceal them. This way you give your face more expression.

The newest variants of the classic curtain bangs are baby curtain bangs. This is the much shorter version of this ultra-modern fringe hairstyle. Curtain bangs can also be ideally combined with a step cut.

Admittedly, the effect is incredibly great.

Which Celebrities Wear Curtain Bangs?

1675769364 93 The Curtain Bangs Guide This is how you style the - The Curtain Bangs Guide: This is how you style the trendy hairstyle

Dakota Johnson stands for curtain bangs like no other prominent personality of our time. Curtain bangs are her signature look.

The well-known actress has been wearing the shortest version of the trendy look for years. Her fringe always looks full, is slightly open towards the middle and skilfully plays around her eyebrows. Not only does she look great with this pony with loose hair, but also with an updo or a bun.

World-renowned for her split bangs and classic bob, for example Bridget Bardot.

Jane Birkinwho made the stepped forehead fringes known as an independent pony hairstyle, especially in the 1960s, wore much longer hair and is in no way inferior to her.

Curtain bangs – the new pony trend

1675769364 156 The Curtain Bangs Guide This is how you style the - The Curtain Bangs Guide: This is how you style the trendy hairstyle

Curtain bangs is considered the new one bangs trendbecause this pony hairstyle is a modern and casual alternative to any traditionally cut pony.

In contrast to the classic fringe, which is either cut conspicuously straight or curved, the curtain bangs are more reminiscent of a curtain, but they flatter every look.

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How are curtain bangs cut?

Ideally, you should have curtain bangs cut by a professional. Your hairstylist will cut the strands on either side of your face so that your bangs end up falling naturally on either side of your face.

It is the special cut that gives the curtain bang its characteristic shape, as it is cut forwards and downwards from a center parting.

Which hair structure and hair length is suitable for curtain bangs?

Curtain bangs are equally suitable for long and short hair. But you should definitely make sure that a curtain bangs fringe matches the rest of your hairstyle.

It must be cut neither too long nor too short, otherwise the cut will not fall properly and it will not have the desired effect.

Curtain bangs are safer for straight hair than for curly hair.

But this cut can also be implemented with curls with the right styling. In some cases, curtain bangs for curls are even considered a real benefit. Since curly bangs have significantly more momentum, they also fall on the face with significantly more volume.

A trained hairdresser will cut the bangs for your curly mane in such a way that they don’t stick out, but gently play around your facial features.

Cut curtain bangs yourself?

1675769364 921 The Curtain Bangs Guide This is how you style the - The Curtain Bangs Guide: This is how you style the trendy hairstyle

Certainly it is possible that you cut your own bangs. However, we advise against it. Cutting curtain bangs yourself definitely requires some experience. If you have no idea, the wrong cutting technique or a wrongly chosen tool can lead to you disfiguring your hairstyle.

What do you need for the homemade curtain bangs?

If you still decide to cut curtain bangs yourself, you not only need know-how, but also good, high-quality tools. Be sure not to cut your hair with standard household scissors.

Professional tools are a must here!

A quality set of hair scissors is essential to achieve a clean and precise result. We recommend using scissors with sharp blades. This is the only way to cut your hair cleanly and precisely.

In addition to high-quality hair scissors, a high-quality comb also plays an important role. It is important to straighten and detangle the hair before cutting.

If you want to cut your curtain bangs yourself, then a high-quality mirror is also essential. The professional look in the mirror will ensure you cut your new bangs symmetrically and evenly.

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How do you prepare your hair for cutting?

Before you cut your hair, you need to prep it because this is the only way to ensure that the result will be clean and precise. The first step is to wash your hair thoroughly.

In the second step you should straighten your hair and dry it if necessary. Avoid using any form of styling product before cutting.

How to style curtain bangs?

1675769365 734 The Curtain Bangs Guide This is how you style the - The Curtain Bangs Guide: This is how you style the trendy hairstyle

Styling curtain bangs also depends on your blow drying skills. It’s important to break up the natural hair texture and give your bangs their iconic shape. For this reason, a hair dryer and a round brush are essential for styling a perfect curtain bang.

Incidentally, a 2-in-1 hot air circular brush is also perfect for styling curtain bangs professionally. For the perfect styling, blow-dry your split bangs sideways with the round brush and then fix them with hairspray.

Conclusion: This is how you achieve the perfect curtain bangs haircut

It is not without reason that curtain bangs are among the most popular trend hairstyles in 2023.

They adorn the heads of numerous celebrities and have triggered a real hype. If you fancy a spontaneous hairstyle change this year without much effort, then curtain bangs are the ideal solution for you.


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