Farewell Party – the new form of funeral service in Munich

Farewell Party – the new form of funeral service in Munich

Away from the traditional funeral rituals, the trend towards farewell parties can be observed in Germany. It is about individual farewell parties that celebrate life, family and friendships. At the last meeting, the focus is not on grief, but on looking back at the life that has been led. Often the farewell party was planned by the deceased themselves. More and more frequently, the dying person says goodbye to their loved ones with a pre-death party. With a diagnosis of cancer or another serious illness, people are directly confronted with their death. For them, the farewell party is a way to prepare for a peaceful farewell. The early funeral service is not subject to any conventions. The design is solely a matter of personal preference. As an experienced decorator in the greater Munich area, Christoph Anzer will be happy to help you with the planning and implementation.

Farewell Party the new form of funeral service in - Farewell Party - the new form of funeral service in Munich

The origins of the early funeral service

Farewell Party, Post Funeral Party, Gathering Together, Live Celebration Party, Living Memorials and Pre-Death Party, all these terms describe the early funeral service. When many young men fell ill with AIDS in the 1990s, the idea for an active farewell party was born. Death was inevitable, but traditional burial rituals did not suit their lifestyle. Many decided to have a farewell party with friends that did justice to their unconventional lives. In Japan, actress Yunko Yamada created a new trend: Seizensō. She televised her farewell party and sparked the imitation. Many Japanese do not want to burden their children with their age. With seizensō, they relieve their descendants of any responsibility after their demise, including a funeral service.

A farewell party is the celebration of life

Talking about death and planning the farewell ritual can ease the pain. It’s not new for people to work with a funeral home to plan and pay for their funeral in advance. However, the behavior of taking part in one’s own funeral service is relatively young. In general, a farewell party does not focus on mourning. It’s about celebrating the uniqueness of human beings. To give a review of how he lived, what brought him joy and what he loved. The farewell party can take place immediately after the death or at a later point in time. Photos, videos and music play an important role in the ceremony.

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What is the job of a decorator at the farewell party?

With the decoration, he creates a personal setting for the farewell party. The venue can be a hotel, a community center, your own home, a beautiful garden or even the hospice. Favorite flowers play a major role in the design of the location. But balloons, photos, candles and personal elements are also used for farewell party decorations. Personal rituals and habits are brought into focus. Christoph Anzer will be happy to visit you to plan and implement the decorations for your own farewell party. Even if you want to organize a funeral service for a loved one or a valued person, the decorator from Munich is the right contact for you. Saying goodbye between tears and laughter can be a healing ritual for the bereaved. Contact us to arrange a consultation appointment.

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