| Skillfully use the HDR mode | Skillfully use the HDR mode

The HDR mode is the abbreviation for “High Dynamic Range” and translated it means: A process with a high dynamic range. But what does that mean? Put simply, HDR is a process with which colors and contrasts can be optimally displayed in difficult lighting situations. The best results are achieved, especially with landscape shots.

So if you select the HDR mode in your software, the app automatically takes several (mostly 3) pictures. Too bright, too dark and a normal picture. The software then merges the captured images into a single photo. You could also say that they merge with one another so that no area subsequently appears too dark or too light. Awesome, isn’t it?

When do I use the HDR function?

FotoalbumshopdeBlog Skillfully use the HDR mode - | Skillfully use the HDR mode

HDR recordings are ideally suited for backlighting, landscape photography and situations with strong differences in light. Also recommended at the onset of twilight. Because problems that arise under the conditions mentioned, such as photos that are too bright or too dark or flat details are automatically corrected. The result is pictures with more depth, optimal exposure and strong contrasts that deserve to be found Photo album to find.

When is it still beneficial to switch to HDR mode?

Whenever the sun is blinding: Sun rays wash out the colors and often cause glare in the lens. Areas in the photo also appear overexposed and at the same time disturbing shadows can appear. Portraits in sunshine are also very interesting for HDR, because a quickly shot series of exposures captures all the details and creates even illumination without hard shadows.

When is the HDR mode not recommended?

Under no circumstances should you switch to HDR mode if movements are taking place with small children or animals, among other things. Since several photos are shot in quick succession with HDR, blurring quickly occurs when moving. The mode cannot correct dark backdrops and backgrounds either. Even with bright and vivid colors, HDR might not be a good choice. In situations where it’s too light or too dark, HDR can be the rescue if you want to recapture pale colors. But if you take too colorful photos in a well-lit environment, the HDR mode could wash out the colors and produce a rather cloudy image.

1632391691 18 FotoalbumshopdeBlog Skillfully use the HDR mode - | Skillfully use the HDR mode
Recording without HDR mode
In this photo the colors look natural.
1632391691 332 FotoalbumshopdeBlog Skillfully use the HDR mode - | Skillfully use the HDR mode
Shot with HDR mode
Here you can clearly see that the colors look washed out.

Most smartphones have the HDR function pre-installed. If this is not the case for you, you can simply download an app with this function from the Play Store. And now we hope you enjoy trying it out.

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