Help with back pimples

A beautiful back can delight? Is correct! If there wasn’t this one problem: Hardly anyone talks about it, but quite a few suffer from it – we’re talking about so-called bacne, i.e. pimples on the back and shoulders. In summer, Bacne prevents relaxed wearing of backless tops and dresses, but even in winter, the blemishes are no less unpleasant. So it’s high time to declare war on Bacne.

What is Bacne?

Bacne is a combination of the English words “back” (back) and “acne” (acne) and refers to pimples on the back and shoulders. The problem often occurs during puberty, but the unwelcome impurities can also adorn the back later on. The reason for this can be hormonal changes, overactive sebaceous glands, dead skin cells that clog the pores, sweat, but also poor nutrition, certain clothing or the wrong care.

Bacne can even occur more frequently in winter, since the skin is additionally stressed by cold and dry heating air and cannot form an adequate protective coat – so even people who do not otherwise suffer from acne or pimples can be prone to bacne in winter. But don’t worry, there are ways to get rid of pimples on your back and shoulders.

Help with back pimples - Help with back pimples

The right care

1. Exfoliation

Dead skin cells clog pores, which is why regular peeling is the be-all and end-all. But be careful: the peeling should be as gentle as possible, since aggressive substances and peeling grains that are too coarse not only damage the inflamed areas, but can also irritate the skin, whereupon it reacts with increased sebum production – and this in turn leads to new pimples.

2. Healing Earth

Healing earth works wonders for pimples, impurities or oily skin. The mineral rock powder not only promotes blood circulation, but also removes pollutants – the skin can work better again and the sebum drains off faster. The powder can be mixed with water to form a mask. This is simply applied, left to dry and then removed with lukewarm water and a washcloth.

3. Correct order when showering

Sounds strange, but the way you wash yourself actually has an impact on the complexion. When showering, many people tend to wait until the end to rinse off their shampoo, conditioner or treatment. However, it is not uncommon for residues to remain on the back, shoulders and neck and clog the pores. Therefore it is recommended washing and rinsing the hair first and only then cleaning the body.

4. Moisture, but no fat, please

After the shower, but especially after a peeling or a healing clay mask, you should moisturize the skin sufficiently. Important for Bacne: moisture, but no fat! Creams and ointments should be non-comedogenic and contain no preservatives, perfume or emulsifiersbut ideally contain natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

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Helpers from the pharmacy

In the case of particularly stubborn bacne, ointments from the pharmacy can be used to help. A zinc ointment, for example, has a disinfecting and drying effect and also prevents the spread of germs and bacteria. The ointment is applied to the pimples and washed off with warm water once it dries. Also tea tree oil has proven itself in the fight against pimples because it has an antimicrobial effect, which limits the spread of bacteria and kills them. Important: Both zinc ointment and tea tree oil may only be applied selectively to the affected areas, as they have a drying effect.

Pay attention to the diet

An unhealthy diet can negatively affect the skin and its pH value and lead to breakouts and pimples. Studies have shown that sweets, fast food and foods with a high glycemic index significantly increase sebum production. In order to reduce bacne or pimples in general or not to let them develop in the first place, you should therefore a diet rich in vitamins and minerals regard. Incidentally, milk is also suspected of promoting pimples. It’s not yet clear whether hormones, fat or milk proteins are to blame, but at least it doesn’t hurt to try whether the complexion improves if you do without milk for a while.

Choosing the right clothes

Clothing that is too tight and, in particular, synthetic clothing can promote the formation of pimples, as the skin has difficulty breathing and begins to sweat more quickly – the sweat cannot evaporate and clogs the pores. If you tend to get pimples on your back anyway, you should put on cotton or airy clothing (at least at home). It is also advisable to use cotton or other breathable fabrics for sports. In addition, the bed linen should be changed regularly (ideally once a week)!

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Off to the pro

In the case of an inflammatory form of bacne or a stubborn course where all other tips have failed, a professional should – in this case a dermatologist or a medical beautician – be visited to fight the pimples on the back. Of course, the same applies to all other pimples: never squeeze them out yourself with your fingers! Bacteria on the fingers and under the fingernails can get into the wound and cause inflammation, which in the worst case can result in scars.

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