How much does a wedding cost? Overview of expenses

In most cases, a wedding is not exactly cheap. Therefore, at the beginning of the planning process, many bridal couples are sure to ask themselves how much a wedding will cost. Understandably, this question cannot be answered across the board, as it depends, for example, on the number of wedding guests or on the respective ideas and wishes.

In many cases, planning a wedding is not done quickly. When we think back to our own wedding, we have invested an incredible amount of time in researching and looking for information. Finding the approximate cost of a wedding was not easy.


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Cost of the wedding

A wedding usually costs a lot of money, at least if it is to be celebrated with friends and family. In our post 10 tips for setting the budget for the wedding, you may have already read that we would spend almost 15,000 euros on a “second wedding”. What we would use the money for and which points had to be deleted, of course, you can find out in the article.

In our Costs category, we tell you about the amount you should plan for the respective things and service providers.

This is how much newlyweds spend on the wedding

15,000 euros is a lot of money! According to the wedding study by kartenmacherei, 22% of the bridal couples in 2020 and 19% of the bridal couples in 2021 invested between 10,000 euros and 15,000 in the wedding. In both years, more than half, a full 53%, would spend less than 10,000 euros on the wedding.

Let us assume that there are 5,000 euros available for the wedding for a total of 25 people. In terms of amount, exactly the middle, what more than half of the bride and groom would spend (roughly calculated as the “milkmaid bill”).

  • Stationery: 100 euros
  • Registry office + registry office: 100 euros
  • DJ: 750 euros
  • Wedding rings: 500 euros
  • Outfit for the bride (complete): 300 euros
  • Outfit for the groom (complete): 200 euros
  • Photographer: 1,000 euros
  • Bridal bouquet + flower decoration: 300 euros
  • Wedding cake: 300 euros
  • DIY projects: 100 euros
  • Location costs (rent, decoration, etc.): 300 euros
  • Drinks cost: 900 euros
  • Food: 1000 euros

If you add up the aforementioned items, the costs amount to 5,850 euros. So already over the budget. Determining exactly how much a wedding costs is not as easy as shown here. The cost of the little things at the wedding is often an underestimated risk.

Never lose track of costs

If you have a fixed budget for your wedding, you should never lose track of the costs. Therefore, not only write down the planned costs, but also the costs actually incurred. Feel free to use this free wedding planner.

Infographic: This is how much a wedding costs

This infographic, created by smava.de, shows you a very rough overview of what has to be expected.

How much does a wedding cost Overview of expenses - How much does a wedding cost?  Overview of expenses


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