On which hand do you wear the wedding ring?

Not only for the bride and groom, but also for the wedding guests, this moment is one of the highlights of a wedding: the bride and groom have it Yes word given and stick to it the wedding rings on each other. Family, friends, wedding photographer – everyone becomes very quiet and sinks dreamily into this wonderful moment.

The rings are up symbolic of the covenant that the bride and groom have now entered into – but to which hand is the wedding ring actually infected? And what about the engagement ring? Since there are many differences internationally and there is often confusion, we will explain to you where wedding and engagement rings are worn in Germany will:

Where do you wear the wedding ring?

Traditionally the Wedding ring worn on the right in Germany. This is of course not stipulated by law, but has become so common over the centuries. The spouses also wear other European countrieslike Holland, Poland, Austria or Bulgaria, the wedding rings on the right hand. However, if you look around in other countries, you will often discover the wedding ring on the left hand. Especially in England and America, because there the left ring finger is also symbolic for them Connection to the heart.

The expert Matthias Wülfing from Design 2100 White: “Fortunately, today it is on which hand the ring should be worn quite openly manageable. It used to always be to the right, but today you walk like our southern neighbors increased on links. Men should consider whether they have a lot to do with handshakes, then the left hand is ideal. For right-handers in general, if you do a lot of manual work, it is advisable to sit on your left side

Symbolic bond between the couple

The wedding rings are part of every wedding and this is based on centuries of traditionthat has held up to this day and makes the hearts of brides beat faster. After the Egyptians came the Christians Ring as a symbol of the marriage covenant integrated into the Christian ceremony of marriage. As a sign of solidarity, trust and stability in the marriage, the bride and groom stuck to the 13th Century the wedding rings on each other. Up until the 15th century there was no difference between the engagement ring and the wedding ring, only afterwards this distinction was made.

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The engagement ring on the left hand

Since the Wedding ring on the right hand is worn, the engagement ring in Germany is worn on the left hand. In contrast to the wedding ring, the engagement ring can be very eye-catching and set with stones. The wedding ring is then usually kept rather simple and has a classic, simple shape. Since the Engagement ring on the left hand is worn, women can continue to wear it after the wedding and that is how it remains symbolic connection to the heart obtain.

Freedom of the bride and groom

However, it must also be emphasized that it is no regulations on wedding rings gives. This is a romantic tradition, but it is not mandatory. Bride and groom can be quite do without the engagement and wedding rings or wear it on the other hand. Depending on which hand is used, a wedding ring can be annoying in everyday life or wear out quickly, which is why many right-handed people also choose the left hand and vice versa.

No matter how the wedding ring is finally worn, it is and stays one wonderful symbol for magical bond, the bride & groom enter into each other at the wedding and that’s exactly why it’s so nice that this tradition has lasted for so many centuries.

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How do you find a convenient ring size?

Matthias Wülfing from Design 2100 know, that finger do not have the same scope at every point. If the knuckle is slightly thicker than the upper phalanx, the wedding ring should go tight over the knuckle so that it sits a little loosely behind it. The ring should not slip off your finger even if you shake it out vigorously. If the upper phalanx is thicker, it should be measured as accurately as possible. For one A ring gauge box is recommended for particularly precise measurements with rings in the preferred ring width. Make sure that the rings correspond approximately to the width of the future wedding ring. A slight curvature on the inside – crowning – ensures good wearing comfort.

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