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Traditional wedding decorator in the greater Munich and Bavaria area

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A good 60,000 couples dared in 2020 and said yes in Bavaria. Traditional costume weddings play a major role in the greater Munich, Regensburg, Augsburg and Starnberg am See areas. Not only in Bavaria, in many regions people feel a strong connection to tradition and their own roots and walk down the aisle in traditional costume. But that’s still far from the end. The whole wedding is under the motto traditional costume. Church decorations, bridal bouquets and festive decorations are all subordinate to the concept of traditional weddings. Do you traditionally get married in a traditional barn with a dirndl and lederhosen? Is an elegant traditional wedding on a country estate the order of the day? Or do you celebrate quite casually in a summer dirndl with a leather bush in your own garden?

“Is there a modern traditional costume wedding?” “In any case, the answer is.” Traditional costume can be interpreted in a very personal way. The traditional wedding decorator Christoph Anzer from Munich creates an unforgettable atmosphere with the floral arrangements and traditional wedding decorations, which can be modern, exclusive, cheeky and traditional.

Traditional wedding decorator in the greater Munich and Bavaria area - Traditional wedding decorator in the greater Munich and Bavaria area

What makes a traditional costume wedding?

People reflect on the regional Bavarian traditions and show their connection to their homeland with the traditional costume wedding. This can include choosing the bridal wardrobe. The couple from Upper Bavaria wears the original Tegernsee costume to get married. Instead of a bridal car, the traditional carriage with floral decorations is used and the celebrations take place in the village inn. Natural materials are preferably used for the decoration of traditional costume weddings. Depending on the season, there is an interesting variety of regional flowers, fruit, wild fruits, moss, hay and straw to choose from. As a rule, the decoration of the traditional wedding can be done properly with gingerbread hearts, pretzels, log slices, straw baskets, jute and bobbin lace. Perhaps the colors blue/white and plaid tablecloths are also appropriate.

The elegant traditional wedding with an exclusive decoration

A look at the media shows that traditional costume fashion can be very elegant. Dressed all in white with a bridal dirndl and the groom in an elegant traditional suit, the wedding takes place. Romance is more likely to find its way into the wedding decoration here. Natural materials are combined with exclusive features in gold or silver. Satin ribbons, lace and satin can be just as suitable for table decorations as felt and moss. Christoph Anzer implements the desire for an elegant traditional wedding decoration with a love of detail. A unique ambience is just as sure on the historic estate as on the alp in the mountains.

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The casual traditional wedding in Bavaria in your own garden

The wedding celebration should be uncomplicated. A meeting with friends and family in your own backyard. Dirndl and lederhosen are super comfortable when partying in the open air. No veil, no, a wreath of flowers serves as a headdress. The way from the registry office is covered by bicycles decorated with flowers and there is a barbecue in the garden. For the casual traditional wedding decoration, Christoph Anzer likes to include accessories that look like they were made by himself. A personal charm with natural esprit full of lightness is usually desired. Seasonal flowers, ribbons, balloons and many candles are elementary features for a casual traditional wedding decoration.

These are just a few examples of how the traditional wedding or the decoration for the festival could be. As with all events, the same applies when getting married in traditional costume: almost anything is possible and on the wedding day it is all about the wishes of the bridal couple. Let our event decoration in the greater Munich area convince you. We work within a 150 kilometer radius. Contact us.

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