What is a Destination Wedding? ✈️

When planning your own wedding, you may come across the term “Destination Wedding” at some point. If this doesn’t really tell you something right away, it is absolutely not bad. Most newlyweds get married in Germany and also celebrate their wedding here. However, some bridal couples opt for a destination wedding, i.e. a wedding that takes place far away from home.

So what exactly is a Destination Wedding? The core of the idea behind this is to celebrate the wedding in a location far away from home. A Destination Wedding is a fantastic opportunity for newlyweds to celebrate their wedding at a dream destination of their choice – no matter where it is.


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Who is a Destination Wedding for?

Many newlyweds may have a very specific image of their absolute dream wedding in their heads. For some, this may be a wedding on a ship, a fairytale wedding in Disneyland or a wedding abroad in general. No matter how you envision your dream wedding, do not immediately discard this thought, because it has to be the wedding in your own city.

If you as a couple have always imagined something very special for the wedding day, then definitely let this way of getting married go through your head. At least in theory, you should plan this type of wedding very roughly. You can of course still discard the idea.

How much does a Destination Wedding cost?

A wedding under palm trees overlooking a white sandy beach sounds great. The wedding in Tuscany on an old vineyard is sure to have a very special charm. In the end, of course, this has to be organized and paid for by someone. Should you now think that a destination wedding costs a lot more than a wedding in Germany, we would like to contradict that.

The cost of a wedding, for example abroad, does not necessarily have to be much more expensive. We have provided you with a corresponding overview of costs in our article “How much does a wedding abroad cost?”


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