Wedding at the Hofgut Maisenburg

Hofgut Maisenburg is located right next to a ruined castle. A small, narrow road leads past fields and a lot of forest there. A path that Marc and Lynn have also covered together with their wedding guests.


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Black wedding - Wedding at the Hofgut Maisenburg

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Hofgut Maisenburg as a wedding location

It was not without reason that Lynn and Marc chose Hofgut Maisenburg as their wedding location. With more than ten years of experience, Hofgut Maisenburg specializes in events of all kinds. The decisive factor for Marc and Lynn when choosing the location was the amazing view of the Lautertal and the possibility to sleep directly at the location.

With five different rooms, the Hofgut Maisenburg offers suitable rooms for small as well as larger weddings. Lynn and Marc chose the large stable for their wedding with 75 guests. We were also immediately impressed by the stable. We particularly like the open beams with the large crystal chandeliers, which immediately give the place a festive mood.

Wedding at the Hofgut Maisenburg - Wedding at the Hofgut Maisenburg

look at the details

Lynn and Marc have thought of various beautiful details for their wedding. We particularly like the DIY lemonade bar, where guests can fill their own lemonades into small bottles. If you are considering offering a drinks bar at the wedding, then you are very welcome to read the linked article on our website.

The seating plan at the wedding is simple, but still very pretty. A seating plan for a wedding does not always have to be super complicated. Sometimes a simple plate with names stuck on is enough. The flowers make this seating plan look completely different.⁠

But we were also enthusiastic about the many other details, such as the gift box, the Bäämbox or the guest gift. This was a mini Nutella jar with the bride and groom’s names and the saying, Nice to have you here. This was wrapped in clear foil in addition to a small jam jar of homemade strawberry jam. The guest gift was also used as a name tag.

photos of the wedding

We were immediately impressed by the photos of the wedding at Hofgut Maisenburg. At this wedding you can definitely discover one or the other for your own wedding as inspiration.

service provider

Photographer: Annabel Pawlak Photography
Location of the wedding ceremony: New Apostolic Church in Metzingen
Location of the wedding celebration: Hofgut Maisenburg in Hayingen
Wedding Planner: Blue Daisy Wedding
Hair + Makeup: Danijela Imamovic
Wedding dress: CAViJA
Bridal Shoes: Buffalo
Bridal jewellery: Pforzheim jewelery worlds & jeweler Depperich
Groom’s outfit: Made to measure Kuhn & Stoff by Berger OHG
Floristics: love plan
Stationery: card love
Wedding cake: Laura’s fine patisserie
Wedding rings: Christian Bauer
Photo box: Bäämbox


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Wedding in the Neuschwanstein Festival Hall - Wedding at the Hofgut Maisenburg

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