Why the visit is worthwhile

Do you think about it, one wedding fair to visit? Or are you wondering if that will do anything at all?

There is a lot to do to organize a wedding and various wedding service providers will help ensure that the day goes exactly as you want it to.

Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, there are countless ways to plan and do all this from home. Online shopping lends itself to many aspects of wedding planning. And thanks to social media or Google ratings, you can easily find the right service provider for you.

So why should it make sense to attend a wedding fair? You can find out why the visit can be worthwhile in this article.

What are wedding fairs?

A wedding fair is a visitor fair where companies present their Wedding related products and services to offer. Wedding fairs are primarily aimed at future bridal couples.

Bridal shops, florists, catering companies, wedding locations, wedding planners, stylists, travel agencies, photographers, suppliers of wedding stationery, confectioners and musicians often present themselves there.

Wedding fairs come in different sizes. Larger trade fairs are often held in halls or convention centers instead of. Smaller trade fairs also use locations that turn out to be wedding location to offer.

Most wedding fairs take place outside of the classic wedding months. Therefore, you can visit them mostly in autumn, in the winter months and at the beginning of spring.

But back to the actual question: what are the reasons for visiting a wedding fair?

10 things that are often forgotten - Why the visit is worthwhile
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Gather inspiration at the wedding fair

Wedding fairs offer you the opportunity inspirations to receive for the design of your wedding.

At the various exhibition stands you will get an overview of the current ones trends and ideas for your wedding party.

  • Which wedding colors are currently popular?
  • What design options are there for your wedding cake?
  • What hairstyles and styling options are there?
  • How can the decoration of the tables and the wedding hall look like?
  • Which flowers are suitable for the wedding?
  • Which honeymoon destinations are currently in demand?
  • What is the current fashion for the bride and groom? (There is often a fashion show at wedding fairs)

But just like with Pinterest, Instagram and Co, the same applies to the inspirations at a wedding fair: You can use them as a guide. But you don’t have to follow a trend that you don’t like!

Get information at the wedding fair

In addition to creative inspiration for the design of your wedding, you can also go to a wedding fair Information and practical tips to get.

The large number of exhibitors alone gives you an overview of the services that are available for everything to do with the wedding and which of them might be of interest to you.

At some wedding fairs there are also lectures with practical tips for your wedding planning.

You can also get helpful tips if you talk to wedding service providers. The respective professionals in their field will be happy to answer one or the other question.

You may also receive information at the fair prices and on the one hand you can get an overview of the expected costs for your wedding. On the other hand, the services and prices of the different providers can also be compared in this way.

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Experience and get to know wedding service providers at the wedding fair

From my point of view, an important criterion when selecting wedding service providers is that you like the person and have the feeling that you can rely on them.

At a wedding fair you have the opportunity to first impression of the service providers and find out in a short exchange whether he or she might suit you. This does not replace a detailed discussion with a photographer or a DJ. But it helps to make a pre-selection. If the person is suitable for you, you can find one directly at the trade fair make an appointment.

At a wedding fair you can also use some service providers experience live. So you can convince yourself of the performance of a DJ or a singer. Food and drinks can also often be tasted at wedding fairs.

Secure discounts and save money

There’s another practical reason why wedding fairs can be worthwhile: Often there are knife discounts.

Especially for wedding rings there can be worthwhile bargains at wedding fairs. If you are still looking for wedding rings, it makes sense to visit the fair as a couple.

There are also some discounts on wedding dresses and the opportunity to try them on on site. The fitting is not the same experience as in a small bridal shop with mother, maid of honor and Co. But you can do that save real money.

Wedding planning with all your senses

In contrast to digital inspirations, a wedding fair offers another great advantage: Here you can find wedding inspirations experience with all senses:

  • You can see different decoration possibilities up close.
  • You can use stationery or fabrics from dresses touch.
  • you can sing Listen or listen to a show wedding.
  • You can have a cocktail coststry a cupcake or a canapé and of course also smell.

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Have fun and increase the anticipation of the wedding

Last, a wedding fair can be easy fun make. How about strolling through the fair with your maid of honor and thinking up DIY projects together? Or you and your partner in your wedding to dream into?

At some wedding fairs you are also expected Participation campaigns or workshops.

And who knows – maybe you will meet other nice bridal couples with whom you can talk about your wedding?

Tips for a relaxed visit to the wedding fair

Some wedding fairs are very busy. Therefore, try to visit the fair at a time when fewer visitors are expected. Above all, they can do this off-peak times be – right after the opening in the morning, at noon or towards the end of the fair.

For a more relaxed visit, you can also get one plan make. Do you “just” want to be inspired and only think about how to proceed after the trade fair? Or would you like to find, compare and approach service providers for certain aspects? Which topics are important to you, which less?

At the trade fair, many impressions rain down on you. So that you can remember ideas, offers or names afterwards, take documents the service providers join in and do it yourself notes.


Nowadays there is a variety of tips and inspiration for wedding planning online. Nevertheless, a visit to a wedding fair can be worthwhile. There you will not only get inspiration and ideas for the design of your wedding. You also have the opportunity to experience or get to know service providers live. Discounts await you at the wedding fair and you can experience the wedding inspirations with all your senses. And by the way, a wedding fair can be really fun. For a relaxed visit, it is best to choose an off-peak time, think about what you want to see in advance and take notes.

tips for you

  • So that you can search specifically for services at the wedding fair, I recommend that you create your wedding concept in advance. In it you set the general conditions for your wedding. On this basis, you can more easily decide what you need and what you don’t.
  • Not only in the context of a wedding fair there are ways to save money for your wedding. In this article, I will show you 101 money-saving tips for planning your wedding.


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