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Mar 15, 2023

Home is, where the Bra comes off” – there is some truth to the saying, because let’s be honest: Bras can just be super uncomfortable. All the better if you don’t have to wear them. Especially in the Corona period, many questioned the way we dress – the bra was probably the first piece of clothing that had to believe in the times of the collective home office. So it’s not surprising that the latest trend, which stars like Dua Lipa, Lizzo, Kendall Jenner or Rihanna have long established, is: Less is more. You don’t have to burn your bras like our moms and grandmothers used to do back in the 70’s, but going without going every once in a while is really a treat. We’ll tell you here how you can still come across as dressed without a bra.

No Bra Trend Wear dresses without a bra - No Bra Trend » Wear dresses without a bra

Dua Lipa

No Bra – always and everywhere?

Basically, the no-bra trend is nothing new. The Peace & Love generation already declared war on the constricting garment in a feminist way and confidently dared to go out on the street without a bra. Today, once again, feminism is heavily involved when we ditch our bras. “Free The Nipple” is far more than the desire for more comfort, it’s also about that End of the taboo on the female breast & women’s self-determination over their bodies.

But does the no-bra trend always work and for all occasions? Yes and no. The freedom-loving Generation Z, in particular, has long since discovered the trend for itself and often has no problem leaving out the bra even in the otherwise conformist everyday business life, while older generations gasp at the thought alone. As so often, it depends on individual preferences, but also on the context. For example, it is possible to easily replace or conceal the missing bra with its support and nipple hiding function; “No Bra” can just as well mean showing a lot of skin and providing deep insights – especially in a party and festive context.

Of course, hot summer days in particular are predestined for looks without a bra. Basically, if you don’t want to reveal too much, you should avoid plain-colored fashion and choose a print dress instead. Due to the different colored print, you can hardly tell that the bra is missing. Airy kaftan dresses or wide, swinging halterneck dresses also help to ensure that the breasts are not too much in the foreground thanks to their oversize cut.


How to style the no bra trend

Well concealed: the subtle variant

Professionalism is particularly important in a business context. If you want to be out and about here without a bra, you should therefore use special adhesive tapes and nipple pads made of silicone. These are self-adhesive, cover the nipple and are of course recyclable.

Deep insights – the sexy version

Of course, if you dare, you can wear anything and everything. In any case, in the year 2023, as far as we can understand, it should be possible to wear as much skin as you want. Incidentally, many dresses are also explicitly made in such a way that they simply look better without a bra. Tip: If you want to show your breasts, you should pay attention to the right care! Sun protection on the décolleté is just as important as on the face. A weekly exfoliation and daily application of lotion is also good for the breast – preferably with a high-quality face cream.

In a boho look, of course

You can leave out the bra, especially with a romantic boho look. Linen or cotton strap dresses, tunics or cozy knit sweaters can be worn wonderfully without a bra. And if you are unsure whether something is shining through, you can use a scarf or cloth to conceal the explicit areas!

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Everything is in place – the convenient option

Many women would like to do without the bra because they simply find it uncomfortable or annoying. In this case you can use tops and dresses made of solid material such as corsets, or simply choose tops with sewn-in cups instead of a bra.

Loosely topless – the casual variant

The no-bra trend doesn’t necessarily have to come across as super provocative – you can style the look very casually by using casual oversize sweaters or shirts, under which not everything is immediately apparent. Tip: Shackets or waistcoats hide the chest in a very subtle way!

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