Field report Pretty Orange: Cards for the wedding

If you’re looking for wedding cards, you’re bound to end up on Pretty Orange’s website sooner or later. We took a close look at the provider of wedding cards – and cards for other occasions – and summarized everything for you in our Pretty Orange experience report.

There are many different suppliers of wedding cards, but there were a few things that we particularly liked about Pretty Orange. On the one hand, this is the versatile and simple design tool, which we will describe in more detail below. On the other hand, you have various design options that we have not yet discovered elsewhere. You probably already know a finish with metal foil, but how about a finish with black foil?

Cards for the wedding

In many cases, the invitation card is the first point of contact for your guests at your wedding. It is not without reason that many bridal couples value a perfect first impression. The order can be very simple on the one hand, but also complex on the other. It all depends on your own wishes, ideas and design wishes. Pretty Orange offers a number of options for both cases.

When we talk about wedding cards, we don’t just mean the invitation card – it’s just one part of the wedding stationery. If you are interested in a complete set, the following products might also be of interest:

  • Save the date cards
  • Change the date cards
  • reply cards
  • Dress code cards
  • menu cards
  • seating plans
  • place cards
  • table numbers
  • church notebooks
  • guest books
  • welcome signs

However, our recommendation is to start with the invitation to the wedding. First select your desired design and design your card easily online directly in the browser. In addition to a diverse selection of different designs and cards, you will also find various extras at Pretty Orange. These include, for example, closure seals, tags, pocket folds, banderoles, bows, gift packaging and much more.

Field report Pretty Orange Cards for the wedding - Field report Pretty Orange: Cards for the wedding

Design cards online at Pretty Orange

Once you’ve decided on a design on Pretty Orange, you can access the design tool with one click. In your browser you then have the option of adapting the selected design and personalizing your card. You have a wide range of options that we have not discovered with any other provider.

With the design you have chosen, you can edit the various design elements. For example, you can change the font, color and size of the text. In addition, you can also adapt images and design elements and add new ones. Based on the design you have chosen, you can gradually create your very own creation.

What is particularly great is that you can design individual elements with a specific finish, such as gold foil. This gives you the opportunity to set specific highlights on texts and images.

1645904546 530 Field report Pretty Orange Cards for the wedding - Field report Pretty Orange: Cards for the wedding

Proof at Pretty Orange

As soon as you have finished designing your card, you can save it in your customer account. However, before you order all the tickets for your guests directly, we recommend ordering a sample print in advance. Ordering the sample print from Pretty Orange is very easy: simply click on the sample print option and select the other options you want.

Please note that the sample print is not free. However, with the voucher code “Love Wedding” you can have a sample print sent to you free of charge until February 25th, 2024.

A test print is an absolute must-have for us. It’s something else when you can hold your own map in your hands and double-check that it’s perfect. It would have been nice to have had samples of the different types of paper offered by Pretty Orange. So you could test the feel of the different papers again.

formats and types of paper

You can find out more about the different types of paper on the Pretty Orange website. So you can decide in peace which paper is best suited for your wedding cards. Should you wish to have your wedding invitation printed on real kraft paper, or on a particularly thick card, this is also possible at Pretty Orange.

You are not only spoiled for choice when it comes to paper. Depending on the design, you can also choose between different alternatives for the format of your invitation. How about, for example, an originally shaped wedding invitation, which is semicircular at the top. Or maybe even completely round?

1645904546 908 Field report Pretty Orange Cards for the wedding - Field report Pretty Orange: Cards for the wedding

How good are the Pretty Orange cards?

We took a close look at the Pretty Orange cards and are completely satisfied. Not only does the print look great, but also the finishing. We especially like the black foil on the card made of real kraft paper. With the half-round or full-round card, everything is cut out perfectly, so we really have nothing to complain about.

If you’re looking for wedding cards, be sure to check out Pretty Orange’s cards. The designs and formats offered convinced us and the design tool also leaves nothing to be desired. So a clear recommendation from us.

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