Gold, platinum or something else?

Mutually putting on the wedding rings is an integral part of the wedding ceremony for most bridal couples. No matter whether in the registry office, in the church or at a free wedding. But until the finished wedding rings arrive at home, some planning and research is necessary. Before ordering the wedding rings, you must clarify what material the wedding rings should be made of. Gold, platinum or something else?

Wedding rings come in many different designs, materials and colors. A nice overview of different wedding rings, but also suitable accessories for the bride and groom, can be found at Christ. There you can discover rings in 585 white gold, 375 yellow gold, 585 yellow gold, 950 palladium or 600 platinum.

Which alloy for the wedding rings?

Did you notice the numbers for the aforementioned metals? These indicate what alloy the rings are made of. The higher the number, the higher the proportion of the respective metal. With 585 white gold, for example, the gold content is 58.5%. With 375 yellow gold, on the other hand, the proportion of pure gold is only 33.3%. 950 palladium wedding rings are almost pure palladium.

The higher the proportion of precious metals, such as gold, the more expensive the rings are. By the way, you will not get wedding rings made of completely pure gold, since pure gold is too soft for jewelry processing. The softer the material, the more susceptible it is to scratches and other damage.

Gold platinum or something else - Gold, platinum or something else?
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What ring material is there?

Wedding rings are most commonly offered in gold. Not without reason, because gold comes in different variants and colors and can therefore be used well for wedding rings. Overall, there are a few different materials that are suitable for rings:

  • yellow gold
  • white gold
  • Red gold
  • rose gold
  • platinum
  • palladium
  • silver
  • carbon
  • stainless steel
  • pottery
  • titanium
  • tungsten
  • wood

Rings made of gold are also often offered as a bicolor or tricolor variant. So mixed rings with two or three different colors.

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Which material to choose for the wedding rings?

There is no general answer to the question of which material should be chosen for the wedding rings. It all depends on the wishes of the bride and groom and the available budget. For our own wedding, we bought rings made of 585 white gold, one side of which is polished and the other is rhodium-plated. However, since gold is a rather soft material, scratches and some quirks quickly appeared over time. Palladium rings are harder than gold. They are very stable, scratch-resistant and hard, but often a bit more expensive. Rings made of titanium, which is even harder than steel but still light and comfortable to wear, would be cheaper.

If you want to do without metal completely, rings made of ceramic or wood might be an interesting alternative. If you don’t have a preference for wedding rings yet, then don’t just browse the internet for matching rings, but also in a local shop or at a wedding fair. Feel free to try on different rings and listen to your gut feeling. But always keep your budget in mind.

No matter what material you choose for your wedding rings, remember to take care of them regularly! We have already presented you with tips for keeping the rings beautiful in a separate article.

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