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Reflections, especially in nature, always surprise in a positive way and magically attract the beholder’s eye. Especially when taking pictures of landscapes, really extraordinary photos are created, such as this lake with the leafy trees. A larger puddle that shows the mirror image of an old building is also wonderfully beautiful.

How do reflections actually come about?

FotoalbumshopdeBlog Photographing reflections tips from the FotoalbumshopdeBlog - Fotoalbumshop.de/Blog |  Photographing reflections - tips from the Fotoalbumshop.de/Blog

Reflections are created by a light source and reflected off a reflective surface. Photographing reflections means adapting to a light source. However, this light source must not appear in your picture. In this example you can see particularly well what is meant. If the sun (light source) could be seen, it would also be reflected in the lake the main element (trees) would visually fade into the background.

Before you concentrate too much on finding the best reflective surface, always be aware that the subject should be the main protagonist of your photo and not the reflection. Therefore, first determine the main theme that you want to use in the picture. For example, it can be a landscape setting, such as a bridge over a body of water, mountains, or city lights over a river.

What do you have to pay attention to?

Reflective surfaces reflect everything – including yourself when you are in the radius. Therefore, one of the most common mistakes in reflection photography is trapping yourself in the reflection. No matter how beautiful the motif is, this little mistake could be a bit annoying, unless you want yourself in yours afterwards Photo album perpetuate. So choose an angle at which you do not appear in the reflection.

Sunshine is great for reflections!

If the light shines directly on the surface of the water, the result is an optimal reflection. And when the sky is cloudless or covered by tiny fleecy clouds that are reflected in the water, it is all the better. The best times to photograph reflections are early in the morning or in the evening. The sunrise and sunset also offer great subject objects. An overcast sky often appears boring in a photo. But if you build in a reflection, it looks much more interesting. Look out for shadows too. Because if the reflection is in a shady area, the reflection is additionally emphasized.

… and another little tip:

Since reflections often give a photo that certain something, a whole new image level opens up and sometimes even stimulates the viewer to think. When taking pictures, make sure to align the camera correctly and keep the aperture as closed as possible. And a polarization filter helps you suppress unwanted light reflections.

Here we show you a little design idea for the photo album

When designing this album page, we printed out the photo twice, whereby the photo in the middle is a little larger. We cut the smaller picture in the middle, stuck it on a white background paper and cut it out.
So that the texts don’t hang in the air, they were put out in frames Cardboard written.

1632421268 941 FotoalbumshopdeBlog Photographing reflections tips from the FotoalbumshopdeBlog - Fotoalbumshop.de/Blog |  Photographing reflections - tips from the Fotoalbumshop.de/Blog

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Image 1: lake-albrecht-fietz-pixabay

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