Visual merchandising promotes retail sales in Munich

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising drives retail sales

Put in the right light, the demand for a product is fueled. This task is performed by the visual merchandiser, better known in Germany as a display designer or decorator. He designs shop windows, exhibition areas, business premises, exhibition stands and event locations. With the perfect presentation of goods, he arouses interest and seduces the customer to deal with a product in detail. The work of a visual merchandiser is always aimed at increasing sales. The area of ​​application of the decorator has expanded in recent years. In addition to stationary retail, brands and online shop operators also rely on the art of visual merchandising. The optimal product presentation plays an important role in photos and videos in order to attract the customer’s interest and encourage him to buy.

Visual merchandising promotes retail sales in Munich - Visual merchandising promotes retail sales in Munich

Munich retailers are investing in visual merchandising

In cities with high purchasing power, it is worth investing in visual merchandising for stationary retailers. Munich has the highest purchasing power per inhabitant of all German cities. Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg follow at a distance. On a walk through Munich’s city center, the high density of designer labels can be seen at first glance. The upscale furnishings of the shops and the shop windows leave nothing to be desired. It is not daubed with visual stimuli, but padded. After all, you want to convince the consumer to shop in your shop. Christoph Anzer works as an experienced decorator in Munich for many well-known retail stores. He creates concepts, designs the shop windows, the sales rooms and the outdoor area. Not only at Christmas time do his installations inspire the buying mood of customers and passers-by.

Munich decorator with a passion for visual merchandising

Christoph Anzer is repeatedly asked whether he has learned the trade of visual advertising designer. No, is the answer. He works as an autodidact and has turned his passion into his profession. His talent for color and arrangement is in his blood. Nature itself, everyday situations and travel inspire him for his decorations. The focus of all his visual merchandising projects is the client’s brand and company philosophy. His main task is to present the product in the best possible way, to show the advantages in order to fascinate the customer. This can be done as part of a storytelling campaign or a new product launch. A distinctive feature of all the work by the Munich decorator is his personal signature, which always subtly resonates.

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How do I find a good visual merchandiser in Munich?

Contact Munich decorator Christoph Anzer. From conceptual work to implementation, he takes on all visual merchandising tasks. They do not commission an agency with him, but him personally. Christoph Anzer oversees every project from the first consultation to acceptance. Depending on the task at hand, he is responsible for the visual merchandising of chain stores or shopping centers with different locations throughout Germany, and in some cases also in Austria and Switzerland. Renowned brands and young companies rely on Christoph Anzer’s know-how when it comes to visual merchandising and sophisticated decorations.

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