6 ideas how you can show your love

I love you”Everyone can say! Only the deeds make true love really and show how big and honest the affection is. Reason enough, then, to deal with your partner on a regular basis love and express appreciation. These six ideas will certainly help you:

1. Write a love letter

It doesn’t matter if a whole letter on special occasions such as a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day etc. or just a little piece of paper in between at the breakfast table – write your partner sweet Love messages and let him know what you like about him. Because the effect on paper is different from the routine “I love you” via Whatsapp. Get creative and not only give flowers, for example, but also the right words for them. With beautiful stationery the whole thing will be a little more Love and particularity awarded.

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2. Kidnap your partner

Sometimes you just need a break! And from time to time you should also be in front of his Escape from everyday life and routine can. Just surprise your partner with one nice weekend trip, where you not only have time for two, but also sometimes switch off properly can. So it’s time for love! Even if it’s just a short trip to the next town, treat yourself to a break from everyday life!

Give the right way

Yes, a gift can also tell you how much you are valued by your partner. It works less about material valuethan much more about the thoughts behind it. Anyone who worries about something just to have a gift will not make their partner happy. So give something with personality: Jewelry for HER or a watch for HIM with a personal engraving, for example. Even homemade little things that are based on an insider can make the partner happy. Do you even know what your partner’s heart desires?

4. Accept tasks

Take a few from your partner Tasks in everyday life and help him! Women in particular suffer more often from double burdens when it comes to balancing family, partnership, household and job. Who his Partner helps out, verily shows his affection and efforts. It’s so easy to make your partner too happy!

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5. Inventiveness scores

Sometimes you just want to show how great love is! What better way to do that than with one original idea? For example, make a photo collage from the shared favorite pictures, where you can see a word or letter per picture, which together form “I love you”. Or how about a surprise breakfast, something homemade or a romantic one Candlelight dinner at home with a specially compiled menu – you don’t always have to go to a restaurant!

6. Romantic marriage proposal

Probably the greatest token of love on earth: A marriage proposal – provided you are not married yet! Design this especially romantic and unforgettable. Everything about the perfect planning of the marriage proposal, important tips and creative ideas for implementation can be found in our corresponding article.

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