Barn wedding in the event barn Wallenburg

We have already shown you some barn weddings on our blog, but we are still always enthusiastic about such a wedding. Not only because a barn can be wonderfully decorated, but also because every wedding has its own charm. Just like Vivi and Nick’s barn wedding in the Wallenburg event barn.

Autumn wedding in times of Corona

Vivi and Nick celebrated their autumn wedding in the middle of the Corona period. But due to Corona, the planning was a constant up and down. Three times it was considered to ban celebrations over 50 people. Especially for bridal couples who are in the middle of wedding planning are of course very nerve-wracking. A celebration with just family was never an option for the bridal couple, because many friends are just like family to them. You told us that in a pandemic, getting married may be very exciting and there is no real anticipation. There was much more for the two of them, more like a hope and, unfortunately, a lot of fear that everything would be canceled. Instead, the joy and the moment when it came true was all the more beautiful.


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Why you shouldnt negotiate with wedding service providers - Barn wedding in the event barn Wallenburg

For their wedding, they tried to incorporate autumn into their wedding as best they could. You have therefore opted for warm and natural tones, such as strong bordeaux, yellow, orange with blue highlights. Also the suit was matching with a dark green color and there was a lot of ivy in the barn.

Incidentally, it was not without reason that Vivi and Nick chose the Wallenburg Event Barn as the location for their wedding. They wanted to get out of town and planned this so that the wedding would be an outing for the guests. The Wallenburg barn is tucked away on the edge of the forest but is still well connected. With luck you can see mountains and there are no other people nearby, as the bride and groom told us. By the way, many of her guests went on vacation in the mountains before and after the wedding.

Barn wedding in the event barn Wallenburg - Barn wedding in the event barn Wallenburg

The wedding of the two was something special. They were married by the bride’s mother’s best friend, whom Vivi has known herself since she was a small child. The registrar also had to cry a little and that made it very personal. In the end, the wedding ceremony was, but simply a very great relief, because they actually managed to say yes in a pandemic.

So often we were faced with a rejection and so often we didn’t know whether it would work. But we were brave and were also very lucky.

The wedding ceremony was just one of the many beautiful moments of the wedding. Many different moments made the day of their wedding very special. The first look at the bride, the photo shoot in the mountains, the speech of the groomsmen, the dance with the 87 year old granny. In the end, however, was probably the nice moment just before the guests were welcomed after the shoot and before dinner. The bride and groom stood alone in front of the barn and they knew: “We made it”.

Photos of the barns wedding

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Vivi and Nick, by the way, thought a lot about whether they should take the money for a photographer into their own hands – after all, it is often a large sum. They wrote to us: “DO IT! Of all the cost items, this is the one that pays off the most. Of course, the guests take pictures and of course you always have friends who can take pictures, but nobody takes on this burden ”. We have already described how you can find a wedding photographer in our wedding blog. You will also find a suitable article with us on the subject of how much a wedding photographer costs.

service provider

Photographer: Flo Photography
Location of the wedding celebration: Eventscheune Wallenburg
Hair + makeup: Liesa Giesübel
Wedding dress: Seeweiss Potsdam
Bridal jewelry: Swarovski
Groom outfit: Rooks and Rocks Berlin
Floristry: the blooming studio
Stationery: card making
Wedding cake: Glonntaler baking culture
Wedding rings: 123gold


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